London’s latest money transfer app, PassTo, expands its remittance service to over 50+ countries worldwide


In December 2019, PassTo’s goal was to shake up the Fintech remittance market, through a simple to use app, delivering fast, secure, and cheap money transfers to expats in the UK, with clear pricing.

PassTo’s debut year in the Fintech market, exceeded all expectations, despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, proving to its growing number of satisfied customers to be an easy to use and reliable app, while also being a cheaper option for expats when sending money abroad.

As an independent money transfer app, PassTo has no allegiances to any remittance partner, therefore PassTo has developed an in-house algorithm that compares the market on behalf of its customers, delivering the most competitive deal in real-time ensuring that users are getting the best rate out of all.

PassTo’s simple approach of prioritizing customers ensures expats all over the UK can transfer money with the best exchange rates and lowest fees possible, to an ever-increasing number of destinations allowing more people to support their families and loved ones through PassTo

“When we first started the company we had a clear objective with PassTo,  to create a money transfer app that saves its users time, effort, and money by simplifying money transfers currently for expats living in the UK, sparing them loads unnecessary costs and delays.” AbdelRahman El-Sergani, PassTo’s VP said. ” And right now, we are totally convinced that these deals will bring us another step closer to achieving our goal, to give expats around the world a simplified banking experience in which they could count on.”

“We’re constantly looking for futuristic solutions,” AbdelRahman added. “That’s why we’ve developed an algorithm to give users the best possible price out of all 4 of our new providers, we’re basically putting our providers in a competition for our customers’ business.”

Available Countries:

AndorraAustria– Bangladesh– Belgium– Benin– Bulgaria– CameroonChina– Croatia– Cyprus– Czechia- Denmark– Estonia– Ethiopia– Finland– France– Germany– Ghana– Gibraltar– Greece– Holland– Hungary– Iceland– India– Ireland– Italy– Kenya– Latvia– Liechtenstein– Lithuania– Luxembourg– Malaysia– Malta– Monaco– Morocco– Nepal– Niger– Nigeria– Norway– Pakistan– Philippines– Poland– Portugal– Romania– San Marino– Senegal– Singapore– Slovakia– SloveniaSomalia– South Africa– Spain– Sri Lanka– Sweden– Switzerland– Uganda– United Kingdom– Zambia.

PassTo launched in late 2019, is a trading brand of Blabla Connect Limited, a UK technology business founded in 2012, owning and managing the Blabla Connect app, an International VOIP service, with over 2 million downloads worldwide, both apps are available free from Google Play and the Apple app store.