LucidLink Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro Launches for General Download at Adobe MAX


LucidLink, pioneers in high-performance remote collaboration storage for the world’s largest studios, brands, and creative professionals, announces the general availability of the LucidLink Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro editing software in time for the creativity conference Adobe MAX October 10 – 12 in Los Angeles, CA. The widespread availability of LucidLink’s panel integration within Premiere Pro now enables creative editors to cache just the media needed in their edit directly within the Premiere Pro application, offering them a faster, more efficient, and seamless experience within Adobe Premiere Pro.

Showcased at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, the LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro has been beta tested by a number of creative professionals that rely on Adobe Premiere Pro for their creative process.

Magicbox puts Hollywood-caliber movie magic into the palm of the hand with their Superstudio™, a semi-trailer designed to literally transform in minutes into a ready-for-action LED studio complete with a fully configured camera motion tracking system, motorized turntable floor, and computer control center. Magicbox also owns Supersweet Motion Picture Productions, which uses LucidLink for their productions in a variety of ways, from pre-vis workflows, working with virtual art departments to collaborate and create virtual environments, as well in production and post production.

Brian Cibula, president of Supersweet Motion Picture Productions, said: “Our business runs on Adobe software, and the integration of the LucidLink Panel into Premiere Pro has been a game-changer for our teams when they are out on the road and unable to transfer creative assets using conventional methods of transfer and download. Our editors have been able to either pin just the clips needed within their sequence in Premiere Pro, or if more precision is needed, cache the clip ranges found within their edit, which has saved countless hours and successfully streamlined their creative flow.”

Casual, a global video content production studio for enterprise-level businesses, has teams creating thousands of projects a year for Fortune 500 clients. Their award-winning content is created by a network of teams around the world in their LondonNew YorkChicagoHong KongBarcelona and Sydney offices.

Katie Wade, US Head of Post Production at Casual, said, “Editing in Premiere Pro is a seamless process until it comes to working with remote, hybrid, and our global cross-team collaborations. Using the LucidLink Panel for Premiere Pro means we don’t need to pin entire media folders, just the relevant content needed in a specific timeline. With this new integration our machines and our editors can focus on much more manageable media pools, saving time on the overall edit while also spending more time creating.”

Key Features of the LucidLink Integration for Adobe Premiere Pro Include:

  • Proxy and High-Resolution Workflow Intelligence: Users can customize their cache settings for high-res, proxy, or both, facilitating a seamless offline-to-online editorial workflow without the need for downloading or duplicating extensive camera-original files.
  • Optimized Performance: A simple, one-touch adjustment optimizes Premiere Pro settings for peak performance.
  • Real-time Indication: The panel indicates when content is not in a LucidLink Filespace during the pinning or caching process.

For more information on the new workflow enhancement, click here.

Peter Thompson, CEO and co-founder of Lucidlink, said: “We are thrilled creatives have found so much value in our first integration of LucidLink into a creative tool, and delighted to make this product available to the entire Adobe community in time for Adobe MAX. Real-time cloud collaboration is revolutionizing media creation, enabling creatives to focus on crafting captivating content. LucidLink delivers this seamless experience to collaborative teams worldwide today.”


Data Published in The Lancet Oncology Indicate Men With Prostate Cancer Treated With the Accuray CyberKnife® Platform Experienced a Lower Incidence of Bladder Side Effects Than Those Treated With Conventional Linear Accelerators


Accuray Incorporated (NASDAQ: ARAY) announced today that results of the PACE-B – Prostate Advances in Comparative Evidence – trial were published in The Lancet Oncology, a leading global peer-reviewed oncology journal. As previously reported, the trial indicates that two years after treatment, patients treated with the company’s CyberKnife® robotic radiotherapy platform, when compared with conventional linear accelerators, have a lower incidence of late grade two or higher bladder toxicities, which are associated with prostate cancer stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments. This is the most recent data highlighting the benefits of the platform which has been used in the treatment of prostate cancer for almost 20 years.

Chief Investigator Professor Nicholas van As, Medical Director and Consultant Clinical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and Reader in Precision Prostate Radiotherapy at The Institute of Cancer Research, London, said: “At The Royal Marsden and the ICR we are focused on developing smarter, better and kinder treatments for people with cancer. This includes harnessing innovations in radiotherapy technology, such as SBRT, to target tumours more effectively and improve patient outcomes and, thanks to funding from The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, we have two state-of-the-art CyberKnife machines in the hospital.

“Radiotherapy can sometimes cause challenging bladder problems for men with prostate cancer, including passing urine more regularly and cystitis. These interesting new results suggest SBRT through CyberKnife can be delivered with similarly low levels of side effects as standard radiotherapy, which is typically given to patients over four to eight weeks, over a much shorter time period.

“So far, the findings from this study are promising and, over the next few years, we will analyze the long-term side effects and outcomes of SBRT. We hope this trial will eventually change practice and enable us to deliver curative treatment over fewer days, sparing patients numerous hospital visits.”

In 2020, more than 1.4 million men worldwide were diagnosed with prostate cancer1. While it is typically a slow-growing and manageable disease, long-term treatment-related side effects can affect patients’ physical and mental well-being for the rest of their lives. Technology that can minimize the risk of these side effects is key. The PACE data are noteworthy because they signal that men treated with CyberKnife SBRT are less likely to experience long-term side effects that can impact them over the course of their lives than men receiving conventional linear accelerator delivered SBRT.

SBRT treatments involve the delivery of very high doses of externally administered radiation over a small number of sessions, offering convenience for patients, compared with conventional radiation therapy which requires substantially more treatment sessions. In the PACE trial, SBRT was delivered in 5 sessions while conventional radiation therapy was delivered in 20 or 39 sessions.

“Clinicians using the CyberKnife® System pioneered prostate SBRT and are responsible for the publication of the vast majority of scientific studies on this treatment modality. The system is the only radiation therapy device supported by years of published clinical follow-up with a large number of patients, and these studies show that using the CyberKnife instead of conventional linear accelerators for prostate SBRT reduces significantly pain and urine frequency which have a real impact on daily activities,” said Jean-Philippe Pignol, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical & technology officer at Accuray. “As the adoption of SBRT (ultra-hypofractionated radiotherapy) for the treatment of prostate cancer continues to grow, we anticipate that CyberKnife SBRT will become an increasingly important part of a hospital’s program for the treatment of low- and intermediate-risk, and recurrent disease, especially since prostate patients represent a large volume of radiotherapy indications.”

What makes the CyberKnife® System unique is that it is the only fully robotic radiation delivery system. The robotic design, coupled with real-time imaging, enables the system to deliver a maximum dose of radiation directly to the tumor from potentially thousands of unique angles with sub-millimeter precision. The system does this by using the Accuray proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-driven Synchrony® technology to track and adapt for tumor or patient movement during treatment to minimize radiation exposure to healthy organs and tissues.

This capability is especially important when treating prostate cancer, because the prostate gland can move as much as 10 mm in as little as 30 seconds in an unpredictable manner, often caused by normal patient bodily functions such as filling of the bladder, gas in the bowel, or even slight patient movement during the procedure. In addition, the prostate is surrounded by sensitive organs and tissues.


London’s latest money transfer app, PassTo, expands its remittance service to over 50+ countries worldwide


In December 2019, PassTo’s goal was to shake up the Fintech remittance market, through a simple to use app, delivering fast, secure, and cheap money transfers to expats in the UK, with clear pricing.

PassTo’s debut year in the Fintech market, exceeded all expectations, despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, proving to its growing number of satisfied customers to be an easy to use and reliable app, while also being a cheaper option for expats when sending money abroad.

As an independent money transfer app, PassTo has no allegiances to any remittance partner, therefore PassTo has developed an in-house algorithm that compares the market on behalf of its customers, delivering the most competitive deal in real-time ensuring that users are getting the best rate out of all.

PassTo’s simple approach of prioritizing customers ensures expats all over the UK can transfer money with the best exchange rates and lowest fees possible, to an ever-increasing number of destinations allowing more people to support their families and loved ones through PassTo

“When we first started the company we had a clear objective with PassTo,  to create a money transfer app that saves its users time, effort, and money by simplifying money transfers currently for expats living in the UK, sparing them loads unnecessary costs and delays.” AbdelRahman El-Sergani, PassTo’s VP said. ” And right now, we are totally convinced that these deals will bring us another step closer to achieving our goal, to give expats around the world a simplified banking experience in which they could count on.”

“We’re constantly looking for futuristic solutions,” AbdelRahman added. “That’s why we’ve developed an algorithm to give users the best possible price out of all 4 of our new providers, we’re basically putting our providers in a competition for our customers’ business.”

Available Countries:

AndorraAustria– Bangladesh– Belgium– Benin– Bulgaria– CameroonChina– Croatia– Cyprus– Czechia- Denmark– Estonia– Ethiopia– Finland– France– Germany– Ghana– Gibraltar– Greece– Holland– Hungary– Iceland– India– Ireland– Italy– Kenya– Latvia– Liechtenstein– Lithuania– Luxembourg– Malaysia– Malta– Monaco– Morocco– Nepal– Niger– Nigeria– Norway– Pakistan– Philippines– Poland– Portugal– Romania– San Marino– Senegal– Singapore– Slovakia– SloveniaSomalia– South Africa– Spain– Sri Lanka– Sweden– Switzerland– Uganda– United Kingdom– Zambia.

PassTo launched in late 2019, is a trading brand of Blabla Connect Limited, a UK technology business founded in 2012, owning and managing the Blabla Connect app, an International VOIP service, with over 2 million downloads worldwide, both apps are available free from Google Play and the Apple app store.


Pioneering in-home and personal care start-up Elunow raises investment from Bolt and Pipedrive founders to launch in London


Pioneering in-home and personal care start-up, Elunow, has raised money from Bolt co-founder Martin Villig and Pipedrive founder Timo Rein to launch in the UK.

Elunow is redefining in-home and personal care provision with a fully automated, self-service platform which securely matches people needing care with a selection of qualified, local caregivers with the right skills and availability. By offering on-demand in-home care at affordable prices, with no long-term contracts, Elunow enables careseekers to find quality care when they need it, helping to build long-term trusted relationships between caregivers and careseekers.

Elunow Founder and CEO Marion Teder said: “In a society with an aging population, there is a shortage of quality in-home care available, which is only going to get worse. Older adults want help to stay in their own homes and to live fulfilling, independent lives, but as the costs of providing care rise, families and friends are often left bearing the burden.

I passionately believe everyone should be able to access the care they need, quickly and affordably. Elunow will make that a reality. Registration is quick and easy. Answer just a few simple questions about the care you need, when you need it and for how long, and we’ll match you with qualified and available caregivers. You’ll be able to select the caregiver that’s best for you, based on their profile, experience and hourly rate together with ratings and reviews from other clients.

We’re actively recruiting experienced caregivers in London now. We’ll be announcing our first launch location very shortly.”

Martin Villig, co-founder, Bolt said: “It’s great to see another company founded in Estonia launching in the UK, especially offering such an innovative service in the social care space. Elunow is a great example of how technology can enable those with long-term care needs to continue to live fulfilling lives in their own homes.”

Peep Vain, best-selling author and an early-stage investor in both Pipedrive and Elunow said: “I was first introduced to Elunow as a client when I was looking for care for my elderly parents. I just book the care they need when they need it. It’s a huge relief knowing that they’re being looked after when I’m not around and that they can continue to live fulfilling lives in their own home.”

The undisclosed investments will be used to launch a pilot project in London. Elunow is actively recruiting caregivers for the platform now.