MS-driven Transparity AI Services promise Intelligence over Artifice


UK-based pureplay Microsoft partner Transparity Solutions Limited has announced the official launch of an extended range of enterprise-grade professional AI services.

Placing the emphasis on “delivering real-world business value rather than just feeding into today’s perpetual AI hype-cycle” the company’s AI launch portfolio includes a new iteration of its unique ‘AI Readiness Assessment’ and a variety of Proof-of-concept solutions and bespoke consultancy services – versions of which have been already delivering AI-powered outcomes for organisations across the UK for some time.

Available immediately, the new range has been designed to appeal to what Transparity describes as the “virtually limitless array of potential users looking to automate and accelerate key business processes such as reporting and analytics, and/or other vital but currently largely manual tasks”.

Aimed at “technical and non-technical professionals alike” the offering also features a number of components that take advantage of advanced cognitive and generative AI disciplines, explains the company – the “tech that thinks and reasons for you”, that so many organisations are now beginning to explore.

With April 2023 having seen Transparity’s acquisition of Microsoft-focused Data, AI, and BI solutions consultancy DataShapa, the company’s launch of this expanded AI offering represents merely the latest in a continuing series of natural evolutionary steps into the AI realm, explains CEO, Paul Bolt.

“The AI era is now upon us and Transparity aspires to be nothing less than the AI partner of choice for enterprise customers across the UK. As a key milestone in the ongoing development of our associated capabilities and leveraging, as it does, a range of exciting new Microsoft technologies, this unveiling demonstrates our determination and drive to become exactly that.”

With the company consistently enjoying exceptional year-on-year growth – driven by an consistent ability to deliver tangibly transformative customer outcomes – and continuing to make waves in the Microsoft ecosystem as a result, Transparity expects its latest move to further cement its place as the partner of choice for AI in the UK.

While AI and Machine Learning are hardly new territory for Transparity – it has a proven record and a solid base of historic long-standing customer relationships in the data and data science disciplines – the company believes its dedicated new portfolio will accelerate its AI push and “allow even more customers to leverage the power of data science beyond the one-size-fits-all solutions so common in the field.”

So comments Alister Jones, DataShapa founder and now Managing Director Data & AI at Transparity.

“Amidst the buzz surrounding LLMs (Large Language Models) like GPT-4, generative AI tools like Chat-GPT, and the Azure OpenAI Service, identifying opportunities for genuine business value can be difficult. We are proud of our track record for creating transformative improvements to business operations. These offerings sharpen our ability to help customers step beyond the AI hype and buzz and achieve tangible outcomes and ROI.”

The strategy has rapidly born fruit for Transparity. Not least in high-performance maritime design and technical consultancy firm, BMT, having recently selected the Reading-headquartered MS house as its “AI partner of choice”.

Using Transparity to explore AI use cases that will improve team efficiency and employee experience, BMT is now “actively engaged in exploring bespoke AI solutions built in the Microsoft Cloud alongside Microsoft’s co-pilot offerings”, says Simon Willmore, Head of Digital Strategy at BMT.

“We’ve worked with Transparity to ready our underlying data strategy – because great AI needs great data – and we are excited to explore the use cases that this generative and applied AI build to meet the very specific needs of our business.’

The growing relationship with BMT represents the perfect rubber stamp for Transparity’s market strategy, notes Jones.

“Our latest solutions, which formalise years of experience and expertise, are designed specifically to address organisations’ biggest real-world challenges – improving efficiency, maximising revenues, and empowering employees creativity and innovation for example – in measurable, concrete, and above all responsible ways. All powered by Microsoft technologies.”

This is typified, he says, by Transparity’s AI Readiness Assessment, which “quickly allows organisations to go beyond the hype and understand and pinpoint where and how AI can help them overcome their key challenges.”

“That being the case, I couldn’t be more excited about bringing all these new services – and the expert teams that stand behind them – to market.”

Bolt agrees.

“I really am thrilled to be overseeing the launch of Transparity’s AI portfolio today.
It is the latest exciting phase in our incredible growth journey of the past few years and, fortifying our place at the forefront of the latest emerging technologies and as the UK’s leading Microsoft powerhouse, we are confident that it is just one of many more steps that we’ll be taking in our move towards a hugely exciting future.

“In what continues to be a challenging economic climate, Transparity is able to keep on winning thanks to, and guided by, the strength of our relationship with Microsoft, the amazing people who make us who we are, and our long-standing mission to be the UK’s most respected partner. To that list of strengths we can now add a more innovative and robust service offering than ever before.”