HealthRhythms, a digital mental health startup that seeks to become the behavioral health intelligence layer across all of healthcare, today announced a partnership with UCHealth to scale the benefits of its groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) -based digital platform to millions of patients. UCHealth is a Colorado-based health care system that serves 2.3 million patients.

The HealthRhythms’ app uses smartphone sensors like an accelerometer to passively measure behavior relevant to mental health, and leverages AI to assess an individual’s mental health status. It then uses that information to deliver personalized, timely interventions to improve mental health — sent directly to the patient’s smartphone. This helps solve the universal problems of patient monitoring and early detection, enabling providers to effectively triage and treat patients across the risk continuum.

“Partnering with UCHealth is a significant milestone in our commitment to transforming mental health care,” said HealthRhythms’ CEO Paul Gilbert. “HealthRhythms is the only company fully addressing this problem through valid measurement, high fidelity prediction and a highly personalized digital intervention platform that can be scaled to hundreds of millions of patients.”

“The current health landscape is characterized by poor access to timely, high-quality mental health care. HealthRhythms’ groundbreaking predictive analytics are unique and steeped in rigorous research,” said Neill Epperson, MD, chair of the University of Colorado Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. “Widespread utilization of HealthRhythms’ technology will transform how we care for patients with mental health concerns.”

“Patients with complex medical conditions like heart disease commonly also have complex mental health challenges. It is impossible to appropriately treat these patients without addressing all of the issues contributing to their health,” said Dr. Richard Zane, chief innovation officer at UCHealth and chair of emergency medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “The real breakthrough with HealthRhythms is that it allows all types of providers across all specialties to integrate behavioral health into their care without needing to be mental health experts.”

“Our vision is to have HealthRhythms on the phone of every patient who consents to it across the entire UCHealth system,” said Kimberly A. Muller, executive director of CU Innovations, a strategic healthcare fund affiliated with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. “We recognize that mental health is, in fact, health. Addressing mental health is essential to everything we are looking to do for care integration. We believe HealthRhythms’ data and insights will change the face of care.”

UCHealth, a nationally-recognized academic health system with 12 hospitals and hundreds of clinic locations is focused on improving access to behavioral health care throughout ColoradoWyoming and Nebraska. By diagnosing behavioral health concerns at earlier stages, and by providing timely intervention, HealthRhythms improves all patients’ lives, especially those with serious chronic diseases.

HealthRhythms also announced the close of a highly oversubscribed $11 million seed round led by GSR Ventures and investor Brook Byers, founding member of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. “This investor syndicate of 44 health tech leaders is one of the most accomplished, networked, and powerful I’ve ever seen,” said Byers. “Securing this broad support behind HealthRhythms’ world-class team for an important behavioral health mission is an awesome force multiplier.”

Dr. Sunny Kumar, a partner at GSR, will join the HealthRhythms Board of Directors. “Over the years, GSR has met with several hundred mental health companies, but HealthRhythms is one of the very few in which we have invested,” said Dr. Kumar. “HealthRhythms is different because it addresses the core challenge in mental health care: improving both access and quality – the Holy Grail dimensions of mental healthcare – while enabling providers to deploy resources across a much broader population. The improvement in depression management that the company has demonstrated is a game changer, unmatched by virtually any available digital therapeutic that I’m aware of. The company’s groundbreaking approach is rooted in a deep understanding of mental health and how to design digital experiences that are personally meaningful and easily woven into daily life.”

The HealthRhythms platform leverages over 40 years of laboratory and clinical research by HealthRhythms’ co-founders who are regarded as pioneers and field leaders in the understanding of the causes and treatment of mental disorders.