PreIPO to participate in $250M fundraising round for SPiCE II as SPiCE I named Top VC fund of 2022 in Blockchain Ecosystem


PreIPO®, a leading provider of innovative financial technology solutions, announced today a strategic funding alliance with SPiCE VC that will enable PreIPO® to further expand its offerings and bring cutting-edge financial technology to a broader market. PreIPO® is now offering investment in SPiCE II to investors that otherwise wouldn’t have access the fund. The announcement comes on the heels of SPiCE I yielding a market-leading 50.7% IRR, while also being deemed the best Venture Capital Fund of 2022 in the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with PreIPO®,” said Tal Elyashiv, founder and managing partner of SPiCE VC. “Their expertise and support will be invaluable as we continue to develop and bring our innovative funds to the market.”

Through this fundraising partnership, SPiCE II will be featured on the PreIPO® Platform, with a robust data room including a suite of key due diligence and marketing tools – marking the first of many funds to be fully available for investment within the PreIPO® ecosystem. SPiCE II will also have access to the PreIPO® network of industry experts, investors, and potential partners, as well as its experience in helping companies scale and succeed.

“PreIPO® has a strong team delivering innovative financial technology solutions,” said Rob-Roy Roedel, partner at SPiCE VC. “We are excited to be partnering with them and supporting their growth as they continue to drive the fintech industry forward.”

Structured as a “feeder fund,” PreIPO® will provide investors unprecedented access to a premier venture capital fund in the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem that would normally be available to only a select few with a significant amount of capital to invest. Through the collaboration of PreIPO® and SPiCE VC, investors are able to access growth opportunities with SPiCE VC with much lower minimum investment requirements than a direct investment in SPiCE II.

“This partnership represents a significant step forward for PreIPO® and will help the company continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of financial technology. We look forward to the exciting developments and growth that this partnership will bring,” said CEO and Executive Chairman of PreIPO®David Grzan.


PreIPO Corporation™️ Executes Milestone Agreement with Umergence, a U.S.-based FINRA Broker-Dealer


PreIPO Corporation™ has partnered with Umergence, a U.S.- based FINRA Broker Dealer to help guide roadmap execution of its proprietary PreIPO-as-as-Serviceä platform at

Umergence is a premier broker dealer placement agent specializing in private placements and alternative investments. Their representatives focus on institutional capital placements, M&A advisory, early to late-stage direct investments, and late-stage strategic opportunities. The collective experience of the Umergence team has been instrumental in helping place capital domestically and abroad.™ is singularly dedicated to comprehensively disrupt, scale and democratize the Primary and Secondary Markets with its suite of proprietary platforms; including: PreIPO-as-a-Service™, Diligence-as-a-Service™ and PreIPO Intelli™, which are either powered by AI and ML or were developed to be powered by comprehensive Web3 technologies featuring Blockchain and the Tokenization of securities. “On behalf of the entire PreIPO Corp.™ company we are extremely proud to have achieved a major milestone event by partnering with Umergence, a prestigious broker/dealer, known for its broker/dealer-as-a-service platform, to lay a foundation for PreIPO Corp.™ to bring pre-IPO deal flow to our proprietary platform,” said David Grzan, Executive Chairman and CEO.

“This Agreement with PreIPO Corporation™ reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of broadening access to alternative investments and doing so with conscientiousness and integrity. PreIPO’s technology is forward-thinking, and their innovative platform has immense potential for private market allocators,” said David Logan, CEO and Principal of Umergence.


Shon Ranawat, CEO of PreIPO Corporation™, is Accepted into the Y Combinator’s Program


PreIPO Corporation (“PreIPO™”), a Wyoming corporation with offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts is pleased to announce that Shon Ranawat, CEO of PreIPO Corporation™, the company that owns, PreIPO-as-a-Service™, TABs Diligence-as-as-Service™ and SPV-as-a-Service has been accepted by Y Combinator, the firm that helped fund Airbnb, Stripe, Doordash and Ginkgo Bioworks, to join their prestigious Startup School Program.

Y Combinator (YC) is a startup fund and program. Since 2005, YC has invested in nearly 3,000 companies including Airbnb, DoorDash, Stripe, Instacart, Dropbox, Coinbase and Reddit. The combined valuation of YC companies is over $300B. YC has programs and resources that support founders throughout the life of their company. Startup School teaches the basics of starting a company. The YC batch program helps founders as they build their product, talk to their customers, and raise funding. Work at a Startup makes it easy for founders to find their first engineers. YC Series A helps founders launch their A round. YC Growth Program provides founders with resources to scale their companies and hire an executive team, and YC Continuity invests in their later stage rounds.

Mr. Ranawat is gearing up to successfully position PreIPO Corporation™ for its pending Series A Round launch, scheduled for Q4 of 2022, while in the midst of the Company’s $8.75M Seed Round raise, by attending the highly-touted Y Combinator Startup Program. Mr. Ranawat has been a disruptive tour de force in the Fintech industry and is known for his avant garde video productions such as:

According to Mr. Ranawat, “Being accepted into the celebrated and world-class Y Combinator Program will help PreIPO Corporation™ to optimize the success of its upcoming Series A Round through a deeply immersive training and methodology program that incorporates well-known Alumni’s who have previously been funded, in part, by Y Combinator” into the over-arching curriculum.”


PreIPO Corp. Licenses Platform for International Primary and Secondary Offerings of Private Securities


PreIPO Corporation, has announced the launch of “PreIPO-as-a-Service”, a licensing model for U.S. Broker Dealers (“BD”) to utilize the PreIPO platform for wider access to primary and secondary offerings of private market securities with attractive business terms.

Broker Dealer license holders and their clients will be able to register, purchase and sell private securities with existing and upcoming unicorn companies across various industries and territories.  PreIPO has begun accepting and onboarding licensed U.S. Broker Dealers using a single-tier subscription model.

Unique features of PreIPO’s licensing model include direct access to a range of high-demand private securities, a buy-back guarantee for investors, and a carry guarantee for broker dealers; all through an easy-to-use platform being launching at

The PreIPO platform has been designed as a responsive web app, optimized for mobile and larger devices.  Throughout 2022, PreIPO will continue to develop and evolve the feature sets of the PreIPO platform in conjunction with the development of its own blockchain.

In addition, PreIPO Corporation has established a significant intellectual property portfolio designed to protect its valuable trademarks and domain names.  The company is entering strategic licensing relationships with U.S. broker dealers for the use of its intellectual property.

Henry James, Incoming CEO of PreIPO Corporation said: “We are excited to be deploying the PreIPO platform early in the second quarter of this year.  Through this platform, we can offer features and advantages to optimize the liquidity of primary and secondary offerings through a worldwide network of licensed broker dealers, while building company revenues through competitive fixed transactional and license subscription fees.

Michael Carney, SVP of PreIPO Corporation said: “We are excited to launch our licensing program for broker dealers built by broker dealers bridging BDs to global distribution and access to high-demand private market deals. PreIPO Corporation’s licensing solution provides investors with a buy-back guarantee on transactions made through PreIPO will make a limited number of licenses available to BDs in 2022.