PZU Zdrowie (Eng. PZU Health) rolls out Cardiomatics solution for precise diagnostics in cardiology across their clinics.


The AI-based system developed by Cardiomatics streamlines the work of cardiologists by supporting ECG interpretation. Now, the doctors at PZU Zdrowie (a Polish healthcare provider associated with PZU Group – one of the top insurance companies in East-Central Europe) will be able to take advantage of its clinically proven precision.

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is the most commonly used examination in assessing heart health and detecting dangerous and concerning heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation (AF) – the most frequent cardiac arrhythmia. The prevalence of AF has increased by 33% worldwide over the last 20 years[1], and in Europe, 1-3% of the population suffers from this life-threatening condition.

Cardiomatics transforms cardiologists’ workflows by automating ECG analysis. The web application – certified as a CE Class II medical device – applies Artificial Intelligence algorithms to inspect the waves and intervals in ECG recordings to assess heart rate and detect any abnormalities. It then calculates all of the 12-lead ECG values and prepares a user-friendly report that neatly sums up the most important information and can be quickly and easily absorbed by the cardiologist.

Increase screening rate to improve prevention and early diagnosis

Polish company Cardiomatics has been fine-tuning the technology since 2018 and today is one of the leading suppliers of ECG analysis software. As one of the leading healthcare providers in Poland, PZU Zdrowie recognized the high quality and accuracy of Cardiomatics software and decided to include it in a pilot project at their health facilities located across Poland’s capital.

According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), cardiovascular diseases account for almost half of all deaths in Poland[2]. That’s why we want to further develop our tools for cardiac diagnostics,” says Oliwer Kubicki, a member of PZU Zdrowie’s Management Board. Kubicki is convinced that Artificial Intelligence can significantly streamline the work performed by doctors, which, in turn, will bring benefits to their patients. “An accurate analysis facilitates optimal treatment outcomes and shortens the time between the diagnosis and medical intervention if a patient’s condition is alarming,” emphasizes Kubicki.

Algorithms trained for human-level precision

So far, Cardiomatics software has examined over 150,000 patients. This is roughly equal to 20 billion heartbeats, much more than any doctor is able to analyze in their lifetime. Such a vast data set has helped Cardiomatics to perfect the precision of the algorithm.

Over 1,000 doctors in 15 countries, including SwitzerlandGermany, the UK, and Poland, are already relying on the support of Cardiomatics software, which is maybe not surprising given that it is currently the fastest method available on the market. Following the implementation process, where data is gathered, the overall time of ECG examination can be reduced by as much as 30 minutes.

Cardiomatics’ innovation is compatible with most ECG recorders available on the market. The built-in algorithms comply with the ANSI/AAMI EC57:2012 standard and have been verified based on both MIT-BIH arrhythmia databases and clinical data.

Cardiomatics and PZU Zdrowie share a common goal of using modern technologies to facilitate access to medical care. An equally important objective is to improve the workflow of healthcare professionals,” says Rafał Samborski, President of the Cardiomatics Management Board.

We are proud to start collaborating with PZU Zdrowie. This is yet another stepping-stone towards large-scale implementation of trustworthy and precise AI algorithms for the benefit of cardiologists and patients,” emphasizes Samborski.

PZU (Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A.) is Poland’s oldest and leading publicly traded insurance company and one of the top insurance companies in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also one of the largest financial institutions in Poland. PZU Zdrowie (Eng. PZU Health), a part of PZU Group, is one of Poland’s most prominent healthcare providers, with 130 health facilities and 2,200 partner clinics in 600 cities, as well as its own network of medical imaging clinics and a telemedicine center.

Cardiomatics is a breakthrough cloud-based software that automates the analysis of ECG signals. It’s a CE Class IIa medical device, and the effectiveness of its AI algorithms has been validated in clinical trials. The solution uses global HIPAA compliant services, which guarantee safety and accessibility from anywhere globally.