Siv Selva of Queen Consulting Wins Two Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards


Entrepreneur and change management consultant Siv Selva has been named twice in the 2023 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards. The founder and CEO of Stockholm-based Queen Consulting was crowned ‘Employee-focused CEO of the Year – Sweden‘ & ‘Change Management Consultant and CEO of the Year – Sweden.’

The Business Worldwide CEO Awards seek to identify and honour the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe, from a variety of different sectors. The awards themselves do not focus on a company’s success, as many do, but instead, the spotlight is on the success of individuals who lead them The intention is to give worthy leaders the recognition they deserve, while using their example to inspire others to achieve similar success.

Siv Selva is a successful leader focused on changing the modern workplace for the better. Her own journey to success wasn’t always an easy one, so she set out to create a company with an inclusivity and family atmosphere that’s rare in the industry. Queen Consulting challenges the notions of micromanagement, cost over value and company politics getting in the way of quality time with customers. Its umbrella company is QGroup, which operates on a philosophy that contrasts the conventional. Rather than fitting people into pre-existing companies, they build companies around individuals, championing the idea of businesses powered by personal excellence.

At the core of Queen Consulting is the belief that if people enjoy doing what they do, that joy will show in their work, which translates to happy customers. In today’s intricate market and economy, consulting firms face unprecedented challenges. The rapid pace of technological advancement, evolving business models, and heightened global competition necessitates a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to consultancy. Queen Consulting is a realm in which depth of knowledge, breadth of experience, and collaborative synergy are paramount.

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