Deep Longevity Adds Partnership with My Care Express in Merrillville To Add Biomarkers of Aging and Longevity


Regent Pacific Group Limited (“Regent Pacific” or the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; SEHK:0575.HK)’s Deep Longevity, Inc, a company subject to a conditional acquisition by the Group which is a pioneer in deep biomarkers of aging and longevity today announced a collaboration with My Care Express Merrillville to deploy an extensive range of AI-powered aging clocks. Deep Longevity is to develop and provide the customized predictors of human biological age to the network of My Care Express clinicians and to provide a training program in longevity medicine.

Deep Longevity aging clocks are supported by a number of academic publications summarized in a recent review titled “BioHorology and biomarkers of aging: Current state-of-the-art, challenges and opportunities

My Care Express Merrillville has been a provider of preventative and total health care to its patients since it opened. My Care Express has a unique approach to wellness and longevity by helping patients establish wellness goals to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Deep Longevity and My Care Express will partner to see the impact that the utilization of aging clocks has on their patients. “We have always believed that the more information our patients have regarding their health, the better choices they will make. We believe that implementing aging clocks will give our patients a better understanding of their current health and help them achieve their wellness goals”, said Dr. Faiz Shareef.

In the scope of the partnership My Care Express physicians will be trained in deep aging clocks and will be able to provide their customers with AgeMetric™ reports and engage in advanced research to assess the performance of aging clocks in the context of their wellness journey.

“The traditional approach to preventative medicine is focused on preventing disease by diagnosing the symptoms early or reducing the risks of disease. The AI-guided longevity medicine goes much further than that and is focusing on tracking the person’s rates of aging at many levels, identification of longevity bottlenecks, and utilizing the latest advances in science and technology to slow down or reverse biological and psychological aging. We are very happy to have My Care Express join the rapidly growing network of our research and clinical partners focused on providing customers with extra years of productive and happy life”, said Alex Zhavoronkov, Chief Longevity Officer of Deep Longevity Inc.