Reltime Receives Prestigious Nordic Innovation Award for ‘Best AI & Web3 Fintech of 2023’


Oslo-based Reltime AS has been honoured with the esteemed Nordic Innovation Award in the category of “Best AI and Web3.0 Fintech.” The winners were announced on May 24, 2023, at the Iceland Innovation Week in Reykjavik, where top contenders from 12 award categories across the Nordic countries gathered. The Nordic Innovation Award has been recognizing and celebrating outstanding achievements and their impacts since 2012.

In the fiercely competitive “Web3.0 and AI” category, the jury sought a fintech that had developed a global Web3 platform incorporating decentralization, blockchain, and AI based technology to drive token-based economics. The winner was expected to also offer credible solutions for data security, scalability, privacy using innovative technologies such as Smart contracts, Web3, Blockchain, Non-Custodian wallets, Tokenization, NFTs, and AI/Machine Learning.

Upon receiving this prestigious accolade, Frode van der Laak, Co-Founder & CEO of Reltime, expressed his pride and gratitude, stating, “This is an incredibly proud moment for all Reltimers. I extend my sincere thanks to our Co-Founder, team, investors, partners, and customers for their unwavering trust in our mission to democratize, globalize, simplify, and modernize digitization and financial services. Just last week, we confirmed the ground-breaking launch of our Wrapped FIAT and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) services, empowering customers to create and mint digital ‘wrapped’ FIAT currencies in all major denominations, while enabling governments to establish their own CBDCs.”

Reltime has successfully integrated a unique Identity solution that allows users to execute payments using mobile phone numbers, email addresses, wallet addresses, or QR codes, ensuring settlements within three seconds. For merchants, Reltime offers a dedicated application enabling them to accept digital payments both online and in physical stores, supporting various currency formats, including digital fiat, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and CBDCs.

Reltime’s Proof of Deposit introduces a novel capability compared to traditional and costly On- and Off-Ramp methods.

Recognizing the growing importance of non-custodian wallets in the face of increasing regulatory challenges associated with centralized blockchains, Reltime remains committed to providing users with security, control, and robust compliance measures such as KYC, AML, and traceability.


Reltime scales its Web3 Financial Services Ecosystem Globally with Microsoft


Reltime, a global leader in Web3, Layer 1 Proof of Authority Blockchain and Metaverse financial services platform has been selected by Microsoft’s Global Startups Program. The organizations will jointly bring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and next generation financial services to telecom operators, retail chains and neo-banks, globally. Reltime has been accepted at the highest category (`level four’) in Microsoft’s Global Program, ensuring that the collaboration focusses on driving Reltime’s businesses internationally.

Reltime has launched the World’s First Layer 1 Proof of Authority and Web3 Financial Services platform with wide range of products (CBDC, Wrapped assets, Non Custodian wallet, Accounts & deposits, Remittance, Payments, Lending, loyalty, KYC, Identity, Forex). All services are settled instantly, available globally and offered to customers operating in B2B/ B2C/ P2P segments. Reltime has developed it’s embedded finance platform in-house and owns all the relevant IPs. The platform is already live with customers and helping them to unlock the immense value from Web3 and Metaverse.

“Joining forces with Microsoft gives us valuable access to a global community of customers looking to modernize, globalize and optimize their banking, financial and e-commerce services & apps, unlock immense opportunities from DeFi and Metaverse. It is inspiring to see how commercial teams from both organizations have been swiftly mobilized to engage with global telecom and retail brands. All of this will greatly speed up the onboarding of new customers and partners,” said Marlene Julo, Co-Founder and Chairman of Reltime.


Reltime’s global Web3 financial ecosystem changes the game of the USD 7.5 trillion Forex market


Reltime announces today its successful launch of the first swap of digital fiat currencies within the world’s first Web3 financial ecosystem. This revolutionary new Reltime FX service is now being offered to current and future Reltime B2B2C partners. Initial fiat currencies that can be swapped are NOK, SEK, DKK, EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, HKD and NZD.

In the first of quarter of 2023, Reltime plans to introduce additional currencies to be exchanged through the Norwegian fintech’s Layer 1, Proof of Authority blockchain, with no exchange or gas fees and commission charges, and with a settlement and transaction speed of less than three seconds.

Reltime’s game-changing solution has been built especially for its partners on all continents, including telecom operators, financial service providers focusing on specific target groups, neobanks, challenger banks, digital arms of incumbent banks, virtual sports metaverse companies, supermarket chains, shopping malls, e-commerce firms and others with a large customer base.

Reltime FX is available on the company’s all-in-one financial Super App anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world. Reltime enables end-users of its global Web3 financial platform to exchange digital fiat currencies in real-time and fully compliant to today’s digital asset regulations (Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), low-cost, proprietary electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC), and regulatory radar).

“Having developed our own Layer 1, Proof of Authority, Web3 financial ecosystem, Reltime has continuously been launching pioneering solutions tailored to the needs of our trusted B2B2C partners,” says Peter Michel Heilmann, CEO, Reltime. “Their customers have been able to swap any kind of digital assets, such as BTC and ETH, inside their financial Super App, without any fee. As a natural evolution, end-users can now swap 13 digital fiat currencies, while In the next phase, many other currencies will be added to the platform.”

With Reltime FX, anyone around the world can benefit from:

A) seamlessly and instantly (in real-time) swapping as little or as much money as end-users want or need, either inside their financial Super App or with other platform users;
B) no commission charges, exchange and gas fees whatsoever;
C) Reltime not being a forex intermediary.

Overall, turnover in over-the-counter (OTC) forex markets averaged USD 7.5 trillion per day in April 2022, a volume 30 times greater than daily global GDP and 14 per cent higher than in early 2019, according to the BIS Quarterly Review, “The global foreign exchange market in a higher-volatility environment,” published this month (

Reltime FX, FastTrack to Web3 (Banking-as-a-Service) and FastTrack to Embedded Finance

Reltime FX can be plugged into Relltime’s FastTrack to Web3 and Embedded Finance solutions, which can be white labelled. The solutions include:

  1. One-stop shop
    1. One single platform for B2B2C partners and OpenAPI;
    2. Reltime sets up everything from the next-generation Super App with unique features, back and front-end, customer and technical support, and more;
    3. Plug-ins for virtual and physical cards as well as Google and Apple Pay (in the first quarter of 2023);
    4. Plug into Reltime’s global network of trusted partners offering specialised, value-added services.
  1. Benefits of the new Reltime FX service
    1. No exchange, gas and commission fees;
    2. Faster: within seconds, 24/7/365;
    3. No middleman involved.
    4. Once the forex swap has taken place, end-users are able to send their fiat currency/ies to others anywhere in the world via a QR code, mobile phone number, E-mail, wallet address or IBAN/ACH;
    5. Self-custody: multiple digital fiat accounts can be held without any third party in their own Reltime Web3 wallet.

Reltime launches its revolutionary blockchain and ecosystem globally


Reltime launched its revolutionary global decentralised financial (DeFi) ecosystem today, with over 10,000 people signing up on

To celebrate this milestone, Reltime organised a virtual Global Launch Party on Monday morning in the presence of CEO, founder and inventor Frode van der Laak and many of Reltime’s first movers.

Reltime is the first blockchain company to have created a unique global platform from scratch, including and offering borderless joint accounts to its users world-wide. Reltime has developed a next-generation, hybrid financial technology and DeFi ecosystem on top of its permissioned, PoA (Proof-of-Authority) blockchain.

Reltime’s personal and business users are able to benefit from highly-secure, transparent and fast transaction speeds of 2-3 seconds on average, utilising dApps, smart contracts and other Reltime features such as guaranteed, automatic collateral. Unlike many banking and fintech industry players, the company cuts out the middleman for all its financial services offered on the Reltime platform.

Commenting on the global launch, Frode van der Laak said: “We are excited to have launched our platform today, giving Reltime’s users the opportunity to be totally in charge of their own financial services within our ecosystem. Later this month, Reltime will roll-out its services in over 130 counties. Instead of using SWIFT and traditional lending platforms, Reltime is available 24/7/365, allowing personal and business users to interact and transact without any time constraints, and earn on interest).”

Reltime’s beta app for iOS and Android currently includes:

  • almost gas-free transaction fees;
  • very easy to send and receive funds to users’ phone contacts;
  • settlement time of between 2-3 seconds, on average;
  • Reltime users can offer loans to the Reltime marketplacewith collateral and limited lending risk;
  • peer-to-peer lending and borrowing, whereby users themselves are able to set their own terms, interest rate and collateral (with or without).
  • users having full control over Reltime’s services and with whom they wish to interact and communicate;
  • creating joint accounts between two or more users globally and being able to manage the accessibility of such accounts in relation to withdrawals and deposits;

Reltime has created a digital asset called RTO (Reltime Oxygen), which is a stable coin used within the ecosystem.

The firm has listed the RTC token, which plays an important role in Reltime’s ecosystem operation. Benefits for RTC owners include:

  • by holding the token, owners can benefit from an Interest reduction if they borrow from anyone within the Reltime ecosystem;
  • receiving dividends on ecosystem earnings, such as transaction and gas fees, interest payments, business-to-business and openAPI services as well as other future revenues.

During Reltime’s Global Launch Party, Reltime’s CEO announced two additional RTC listings, on P2PB2B and INDOEX. Reltime has already been listed on BitMart and CoinTiger since November and December 2021, respectively. The company successfully carried out an initial exchange offering (IEO) in October 2021 on BitMart.

Each and every newly-registered Reltime user will receive a welcoming reward of RTC 1,000. In addition, Reltime offers a RTC 500 referral reward to users for signing up their friends and family.

Reltime for developers

Reltime’s OpenAPI can be used by developers to build their own dApps on top of the Reltime blockchain.Additional features and services will be introduced later this year, such as:

  • the Reltime biometric payment card (anticipated in the third quarter 2022);
  • launching digital financial services for several metaverse platforms (anticipated in the fourth quarter 2022);
  • DeFi FX exchange, Reltime’s swap service (a truly cost-reducing micro exchange between different digital assets);
  • a NFT marketplace as well as a number of other dApps on the Reltime blockchain; and
  • Whitelabelling of Reltime’s applications.