Resecurity Showcases Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions at FIDAE Aerospace & Defense 2022


Resecurity®, a cybersecurity and intelligence company, recently exhibited its threat intelligence and risk management solutions at the FIDAE 2022 conference in Santiago de ChileSouth America. Hosted April 5-10, 2022, FIDAE is the fifth largest air and space fair globally, and the most important in Latin America, bringing together 46 countries, more than 420 exhibitors and hundreds of official delegations and leaders from around the world.

As Latin America continues to digitize its economy, they have faced record numbers of cybersecurity threats experiencing nearly three million cyberattacks in the first three months of 2020 alone.1To help organizations overcome this challenge, this year’s FIDAE conference brought technology and intelligence leaders together to help aerospace and aviation organizations better detect, mitigate and respond to cyber risks in today’s ever-changing threat landscape.

Focused on the security of the aviation industry for the military, public and private sectors, Resecurity showcased its cyber threat intelligence platform that allows administrators to reduce security gaps by quickly seeing in-depth analysis and specific artifacts obtained through the dark web, botnets activity, network intelligence and high-quality threat intelligence data.

“For high-stakes and technical industries like aerospace and aviation, it is critical to have visibility into your digital ecosystem and real-time threat intelligence to keep your organization, brand and staff safe. Increased connectivity and a larger threat surface only raise these stakes. Resecurity looks forward to building on the connections made at FIDAE to provide the security and risk management tailored to the unique needs of the aviation and aerospace industry,” said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, Inc.

Particularly relevant for the aerospace and aviation sectors, Resecurity also highlighted risk intelligence innovations designed to identify and score the network, identity, technology and geographical risks within an organization’s security ecosystem. Resecurity exhibited its cyber intelligence platform alongside industry leaders including Rafael, Airbus, SIS DEF, DECSEF, L3 Harris Technologies, Lockheed Martin, Milex and more.