RT Stream International Honored for its Body-Worn Camera and Mobile Emergency Response System at Taiwan Tech Arena Pavilion


RT Stream International (“RT Stream” or “the Company”), a leading Taiwan-based company dedicated to developing security video technology for frontline professionals, has been named CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in Wearable Technologies product category for its the outstanding design and innovative engineering. RT Stream’s award winning F01 series Body-Worn Camera, along with Mobile Emergency Response System (MERS) will be showcased at 2022 CES.

Technology to provide a peace of mind

Available in 4G and 5G models, RTS F series® Body-Worn Camera is designed and built to withstand some of the toughest working environments, giving frontline workers peace of mind when they are carrying out military operations, firefighting, police investigations, field inspection, and more. Developed with security and versatility in mind, the all-in-one device offers maximum functionality in a compact structure that helps the user to save lives, make accurate and faster decisions in high-risk emergency situations that require rapid deployment and remote collaboration.

Working in tandem with RT Stream’s proprietary MERS, iCommander Cloud Server platform, to provide operators with valuable real-time information, RTS F series® comes with a host of features that include video streaming, many-to-many communication, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, location-based tracking, and multi-alarms, takings body camera technology to the next level. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the camera is equipped with algorithms that support car plate and facial recognition.

“Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, RTS F series® 4G/5G Body Worn Camera is an all-in-one device that combines a digital camera, walkie-talkie, locator, safety alert, and 5G router to provide 4-in-1 real-time features. With its M01 portable mesh base station, it ensures excellent mobile connectivity in all locations, even in the areas with poor 4G or 5G network coverage,” said Eric Chang, CEO of RT Stream International.

Chang added the brand’s MERS iCommander Cloud Server is another revolutionary technology for tracking moving objects, capable of managing the real-time video, sound monitoring, many-to-many talk, positioning information, task management, video/audio record and playback.

According to RT Stream, this industry-leading mobile solution can be deployed in a wide variety of operations involving military personnel, police officers, firefighters, security guards, as well as in all sorts of unmanned venues that need 24/7 monitoring such as factories, highways, railways, telecom stations and power plants. This has been verified by Taiwanese forces including the fire services bureaus.

“RTS F series® 4G/5G Body Worn Camera is state-of-the-art tool that not only offers us outstanding video and audio recording that makes operations more efficient, but also gives our frontline worker layers of safety. Since the system was put online two weeks ago, we have also already saved many lives in our rescue operations,” said Chief of Hualien County Fire Bureau-Rescue Section.