Saint Leo University Opens a New Interactive Robotic & AI Lab by RobotLAB


Saint Leo University, one of the top ranked nonprofit universities in Florida, in partnership with RobotLAB, the leading educational robotics company, partnered to build an artificial intelligence and robotics lab on its residential campus in Pasco County, FL.

The Robotics & AI Lab by RobotLAB is a turnkey, state-of-the-art modular learning space designed to enable students’ rotation between AI stations. Each configuration includes robots and teaching resources and provides learners with practical hands-on activities, exposing them to multiple disciplines and various scenarios in which artificial intelligence supports and enhances the quality of our everyday life. It gives students a unique and rich learning experience to ensure that they are ready for their career in the 2030s.

Dr. Derek Mohammad, dean of Saint Leo University’s School of Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Data Science, is looking forward to the launch of the new Bachelor of Science program in Robotics and AI for which this lab is an essential component.

“We are pleased to introduce a new robotics lab for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in robotics and artificial intelligence,” said Mohammed. “Equipped with robots of all kinds and computers, the lab will provide students with the hands-on experience they need to prepare for careers in this high-demand and growing field.”

The Robotics & AI Lab includes the following stations:

  • Smart Transportation
    • This program uses smart and programmable cars and drones with fully loaded sensors for students to develop an understanding of autonomous transportation.
  • Humanoid Robotics
    • Students are introduced to humanoid robots, soccer-playing robots, human robot interface, visual perception (face detection, face recognition, object detection, and recognition), and tactile sensing, among other capabilities.
  • Industry 4.0
    • Students learn about warehouse automation, sorting and stacking, visual sensing, assembly lines, process automation, and optimization.
  • Space Exploration / Robotics
    • This program uses a wide range of engineering concepts, mechanical and electrical assemblies, mechatronics, electronics, and locomotion of the rover.
  • Autonomous AI Agent Station
    • Students learn about multi-agent systems, sd hoc autonomous agent teams and machine learning.

“We are excited to partner with Saint Leo University,” said Elad Inbar, RobotLAB CEO. “This partnership is beyond providing robots, is about supporting the university by bringing real hands-on experience to the classrooms, is about exposing students to a real approach of what they will face in their future jobs, the Robotics & AI Lab is the best way to learn, different stations for different minds with different activities. We are excited to see Saint Leo University students prepare for their real post student life.”