Clarivate Launches AI-Powered Tool to Simplify IP Budgets and Forecasts

SBC Summit Barcelona 2023: Event & Speakers

This year, the SBC Summit will take place on 19–21 September 2023. These 3 days are dedicated to different topics of the gambling industry, so 15,000 participants from different areas will take part in the event. The event is aimed at specialists focused on varied payment methods in gambling, affiliates, operators, and other experts in the industry.

Thanks to 450 professional speakers, visitors have an opportunity to listen to real professionals of the online casino world, including Gretta Kochkonyan (Head of Account Management, Endorphina), Philip Sultana (Head of Design Brand & UX/UI, Pressenter), and Vladyslav Garanko (CBDO, Platipus). Aleksandra Andrishak will represent Slotsjudge with the subject dedicated to AI in gambling.

Slotsjudge at SBC: Debates About AI

Visitors can listen to Slotsjudge experts on 20th September (14.00–14.40 CEST) in Conference Room 3. Aleksandra Andrishak, Editor in Chief, Slotsjudge is going to discuss the innovative topic of Artificial Intelligence in the gambling industry. Since Slotsjudge is working directly with providers who create slots and readers who play them, the team has a deep understanding of most processes in the industry, which allows the experts to analyse how certain processes could be optimised with the help of AI tools. The team will discuss what things can be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and why the balance between human expertise and innovative solutions is the best way to go for the gambling sector.