Mixpanel and Japan Product Camp Launch Free Product Management Camp in Japan


Mixpanel, the leading product analytics solution powering more than 6,000 of the world’s most innovative digital companies, and Japan Product Camp have partnered  to launch a new learning experience to help passionate college students and professionals early in their careers to learn about Product Management as a potential career path.

The camp will span six weeks. It will cover topics like introduction to product management, designing and building a product prototype, product metrics and analytics, and business skills and product management interview skills. Participants will also have the opportunity to be mentored by several product leaders from the tech industry like GoTrade, TableCheck, and RakutenTravel, who are volunteering their time for this event. The summer 2022 cohort is now open for applications. Interested applicants can register at www.japanproductcamp.com.

“As practicing product managers and product manager community organizers in Japan, we noticed that there is a lack of  training and learning opportunities for aspiring and early-career product managers. We wanted to help fill this gap and do our part to advance the product management profession by creating this free training opportunity,” said Tanmay Goel, Co-Organizer of Japan Product Camp.

“New apps and digital-first businesses are gaining traction in Japan. Product managers are at the center of these businesses. As a company that shows product managers what is and isn’t working with their products, what to prioritize, and what to invest in, Mixpanel has always supported the growth of product management globally. We’re very excited to partner with Japan Product Camp to advance this important profession in Japan“, said Scott Pugh, regional vice president and general manager, APAC, at Mixpanel.