Sftimo Exchange Sets up Branch in Singapore to Continue Global Expansion


Sftimo, one of the world-famous cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently obtained formal regulatory approval from the Singapore government after completing the compliance procedures and has set up a branch in Singapore, which will offer more convenient services to local users. The branch marks another inroad into the global market and another step forward in the development of Sftimo’s global expansion.

Ka Ho Tan, Head of the Marketing Department in Singapore, says, “There is a consensus among the global economies that the rise of digital assets brings inspiration to the national economic system. Moreover, blockchain technology has limitless potential to be widely applied in various sectors and industries. I hope Sftimo can open a new chapter in Singapore and create more value.”

Jackson Singh, an economist, points out, “The establishment of Sftimo’s branch in Singapore is beneficial to local users, which not only provides suitable products and services for Singapore users but also strengthens cooperation with the government and global partners to bring more employment opportunities to Singapore. Besides, local industries can make headway by learning blockchain-based digital intelligence solutions. The only problem, however, is that Singapore is in short supply of local talents.”

Sftimo has diversified trading services, a comprehensive market information system and other important content. Sftimo provides global users with currency trading, OTC trading area and other mainstream currency services; DeFi-based derivatives trading and DeFi services such as liquid staking, aggregator, NFT, etc. With the establishment of this branch, Sftimo’s service scope will cover all populations in Singapore.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the US, Sftimo boasts a broad global layout. Sftimo has set up branches in North AmericaEuropeRussiaJapan and other places, and has obtained MSB licenses in the US and Canada. Sftimo now renders blockchain asset trading and blockchain derivatives services to more than 80 countries and regions, and also plans to set up 5 core application centers and branches in more than 60 countries around the world.

Kevin Chua, Head of Foreign Affairs of Sftimo, says, “After field investigation and evaluation by professional institutions, the e-commerce market in Singapore will usher in rapid development. In Singapore, Sftimo can provide one-stop digital asset services for growing enterprises, individuals and institutions, build more diversified and personalized consumption scenarios for customers, and render professional and stable legal currency trading services.”

Sftimo not only meets the investment needs of connecting traditional assets and virtual assets, but also emphasizes the fulfillment of social ethics and responsibilities. Sftimo treats local employees fairly and equitably, respects local culture, pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees, arranges regular inspections, establishes a sound salary and welfare system, and encourages employees to pursue their dreams.

Sftimo aspires to be a popular exchange in Singapore and strives to establish itself as a world-class trading platform while not forgetting to provide quality services for users around the world.