Shenomics Launches Report on Path to Leadership for Women in India


A recent 360-degree review showed that women perform better than men on most leadership competencies, with the leadership effectiveness gap being even more skewed towards women than it was before the pandemic. Shenomics – a mindful leadership platform that trains, coaches and mentors women to lead from within, identified the importance and opportunity to do an in-depth study of understanding and demystifying the path to leadership for women in India in these current times.

Shenomics undertook the research The Path to Leadership for Women: Aspirations, Inspiration and Support, in partnership with XLRI – Jamshedpur. The research has been conducted over the last 12 months with 350+ women and male professionals across India, using in-depth qualitative and quantitative measures.

The research will be released in four parts, with the first one focusing on A Competency Framework for Women Leaders.


  • 46% of leaders noted that women need to work on their visibility, taking risks and asserting themselves.
  • 50% women leaders credit their success to resilience, agility and openness to learning.
  • 45% of women stated that emotional intelligence had a key role to play in successful decision making.
  • 70% women surveyed had a high level of self-awareness.
  • 30% leaders stated that Networking actively would help women succeed in securing top roles.
  • 30% top women leaders attribute their success to business acumen.

To get well-rounded insights, Shenomics’ researchers had in-depth conversations with nearly hundred men and women leaders from across industries and sectors. They interviewed three sets of leaders:

  • Aspiring women leaders – to understand their current approach as wel as the top challenges they are facing.
  • Women in top roles – to draw key insights and best practices from their successful path to leadership.
  • Senior Executives (men and women) – to understand what it is that guides their choices while hiring or grooming leaders for top roles.

The insights have been distilled into a 9-competency framework that incorporates the key professional and interpersonal leadership competencies that can help shape women leaders.

The 9 competencies span across:

  • The Inner competencies: Competencies that are built through an inward focus – Self-awareness, a Courageous Mindset and Resilient Agility.
  • The intersection, where the inner world meets the ecosystem, includes the next three competencies – Emotional Intelligence, Human-Centred Leadership and Assertiveness. These create a guidance system for responding to the demands and challenges that inevitably show up on the path to leadership.
  • The outer realm is where the traits built in the first two realms translate into strong and tangible outcomes that can be seen and felt through work on three competencies – Business Acumen, Networking and Visibility.

Speaking at the report launch, Bhavna Toor, founder, Shenomics said, “At Shenomics, our work in the space of supporting women’s leadership over the past 6 years has given us the opportunity to understand the aspirations and ambitions of professional women very closely. As women nurture their career aspirations while also balancing other competing priorities, we realized the one answer they are constantly looking for is – ‘What does it take for women to get to top leadership roles?’ It is our fervent hope that our nine-competency framework and its application will be useful in answering this question.”

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