BSV to host Blockchain 4 Gaming conference in Warsaw


The BSV blockchain’s Switzerland-based global industry organisation that works to advance business with the BSV blockchain and digital currency, today announces that it will host a one-day Blockchain 4 Gaming conference at Esport SPOT in Warsaw, Poland on June 7, 2022.

The one-day Blockchain 4 Gaming conference will bring together industry experts and entrepreneurs building gaming projects on the BSV blockchain, showcasing the ability of BSV to deliver a stable and efficient platform for the exciting new generation of NFT-based and play-to-earn games.

Poland is a global hub for the gaming industry and is home to more than 470 game development studios and publishers, many of which have delivered world-famous titles and are seeing impressive revenue growth. This makes it the perfect location in which to host the Blockchain 4 Gaming conference, which aims to bring awareness and education about how the BSV blockchain can revolutionise the game development industry.

The event will be hosted by Marcin Zarakowski, General Counsel and Chief of Staff at BSV Blockchain Association, and Marcin Rzetecki, Technical Outreach Specialist at BSV Blockchain Association and Co-founder of the Polish Blockchain Association. The conference will feature several distinguished speakers from across the blockchain gaming industry, including many who have deployed games that are already active and scaling on the BSV network. Topics of discussion will include tokenisation of in-game items, easily integrable frameworks for online gaming and play-to-earn business models based on BSV’s facilitation of micropayments.

Speakers at the Blockchain 4 Gaming conference in Warsaw, Poland, include:

  • Patrick Prinz – Managing Director, BSV Blockchain Association
  • Marcin Zarakowski – General Counsel and Chief of Staff, BSV Blockchain Association
  • Alex Agut – CEO, HandCash
  • Rafael Jimenez – CTO, HandCash
  • Adam Kling – CEO and Founder, FYX Gaming
  • Joe De Pinto – Co-founder, Haste Arcade
  • Gal Buki – Co-founder, PowChess
  • Alexei Torgashov – Co-founder, PowChess
  • Marcin Rzetecki – Technical Outreach Specialist at BSV Blockchain Association and Co-founder of the Polish Blockchain Association

The BSV blockchain scales unbounded to support high volumes of data and payment transactions at minimal cost – demonstrating throughput of 50,000 to 100,000 transactions per second with upcoming node software and median transaction fees that are a small fraction of a U.S. cent. From a technical perspective, BSV offers micropayment, smart contract, tokenisation, IoT, computation and more data functionalities.

These unique capabilities make BSV the ideal platform on which to build next-generation gaming products and services, as demonstrated by the success of applications such as Haste Arcade and FYX Gaming, who will showcase their products at the Blockchain 4 Gaming conference.

Commenting on today’s announcement, BSV Blockchain Association General Counsel and Chief of Staff Marcin Zarakowski, said:

‘As adoption of games running on the BSV blockchain continues to grow at an impressive rate, we are delighted to showcase the capabilities of these applications at the Blockchain 4 Gaming conference in PolandWarsaw. Poland has a thriving game industry and is the home of world-famous studios and publishers, making it the ideal place to host this event. Join us and explore the future of gaming and the unique ability of BSV to enable blockchain-based gaming at a scale far beyond that of competing platforms.’

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