SNEC 2023: Sungrow Reveals Revolutionary Solutions to Advance Global Energy Transition


Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage system solution supplier, made a groundbreaking announcement with the introduction of cutting-edge renewable energy solutions including solar inverters, energy storage systems, EV chargers, and green hydrogen solutions. The unveiling of its 1+∞ Clean Energy Solutions and the highly anticipated Utility-scale PV Plant 5A Solutions White Paper demonstrates Sungrow’s dedication to propelling the global energy transition toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Cutting-edge holistic solutions for homes

Sungrow introduced 1+∞ Clean Energy Solutions, the comprehensive one-stop solutions for homes. The “1” symbolizes the pivotal role of the PV inverter, accompanied by essential segments such as energy storage, EV charger, power optimizer, and iSolarCloud in the matrix. Meanwhile, the “∞” represents the solutions’ scalability and expandability, accommodating limitless power loads. These innovative solutions ensure a sustainable and clean energy supply for homes.

Among these offerings, Sungrow highlighted its latest power optimizer SP600S and its monitoring platform iSolarCloud.

The SP600S power optimizer, an advanced MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) product, elevates generating capacity, rooftop installation capacity, and PV system safety, while enhancing installation and O&M efficiency. It sets the pace for product innovation and drives industry transformation, optimizing PV module performance throughout its lifecycle.

During SNEC, the SP600S received prestigious recognitions such as the Optimizer System Comparison Test Report and Optimizer System PV Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS) Verification Report from the leading certification organizations TÜV Rheinland and CSA, underscoring the competitiveness in the market.

Sungrow’s solutions can be monitored and managed through Sungrow’s iSolarCloud platform. The platform provides real-time and detailed plant updates, flexible energy flow and self-consumption monitoring, and simplified control over renewable energy assets. The latest version of the iSolarCloud APP features a more streamlined design and smarter analysis functions, ensuring efficient operation and maintenance. The Chinese version was launched at the event, with the international version slated for release in late June this year.

Latest innovations for utility-scale solar and storage markets

Sungrow unveiled its highly anticipated Utility-scale PV Plant 5A Solutions White Paper. The solutions are poised to meet the future’s growing demands, designed leveraging eight advanced technologies including circuits, semiconductors, heat dissipation, electromagnetics, computing power, algorithms, AI intelligence, and security.

The solutions offer five key features: 5A, which stands for All-scenario applications, All-day efficiency, All-link safety, All-life smart O&M, and All-grid support. These features collectively empower the growth of utility-scale PV plants.

To continue to address the global ambitions to source increasing shares of its electricity from renewable sources, energy storage is being touted as an ideal solution to tackle the volatility of the grid. The PowerTitan is a professional integration of Sungrow’s power electronics, electrochemistry, and power grid support technologies. The Company has been awarded the world’s first iF Design Award in the utility-scale energy storage system category for its innovative product. As of now, Sungrow has contracted a total of nine gigawatt hours of orders for the PowerTitan, which is a testament to its success and credibility in the industry.

In addition to the abovementioned offerings, Sungrow also displayed standout solutions such as its flexible renewable energy hydrogen production solution, utilizing both PEM and Alkaline electrolysis technology routes.

“In the future, energy will evolve towards low-carbonization, digitalization, and multi-energy coordination encompassing wind, solar, storage, hydrogen, solar-storage-EV charging integration, as well as distributed resource aggregation through virtual power plants. Sungrow is actively driving the integration and innovation of diverse technologies, emphasizing technical advancements and offering secure and efficient integrated solutions,” said Jack Gu, Senior Vice President of Sungrow.