Synamedia’s Video Network business accelerates to 57% growth in 2020 as it drives the industry transition to software and cloud

Synamedia today announced that bookings for its Video Network business increased 57% year on year in 2020, it increased profitability significantly, and added 30 new customers. Quality of video experience is at the heart of its video network strategy and in 2020 Synamedia expanded its market-leading offerings with a solution that delivers lower latency than satellite technologies with no buffering.

With consumer demand putting pressure on video infrastructure during the pandemic, Synamedia’s Video Network business saw revenues increase across all industry sectors, geographies and technologies, including primary distribution, unified virtualized headend, ad insertion, video compression and edge delivery. The business recorded the largest single contract in its history: supporting a US content provider as it minimizes bandwidth utilization in the C-band spectrum. Synamedia projects increasing revenues from service providers needing to optimize delivery as the FCC reallocates spectrum for the rollout of 5G.

Synamedia’s Next-Generation Insertion (NGI) for regional ad insertion on broadcast streams is also seeing a surge of growth in the US. NGI seamlessly inserts online ad assets into the broadcast stream to support regional ad delivery to the consumer’s set-top-box.

Synamedia is enhancing VIVID Compression to improve video experience in an increasingly multi-codec world, including support for the VVC codec and 8K. Over the last 12 months VIVID Compression, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver the world’s most advanced compression implementation, has improved encoding efficiency up to 15% for the massive installed base of devices using MPEG2 and AVC. Driving quality of video experience to new heights, Synamedia is now leveraging neural networks to automate test processes and run more quality tests in a shorter time. As a result, its content-adaptive Smart Rate Control keeps improving the premium live OTT viewing experience.

The VIVID brand has been extended to Synamedia Video Network’s flagship offering, VIVID Workflows in the Cloud – a microservices-based offering providing end-to-end workflows including ingest, encode/transcode, package and distribution to consumers. VIVID Workflows can be deployed on private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“Our leadership position and strong growth are the direct result of our intense focus on virtualized software, cloud and quality of video experience over the last two years. By allowing new customers and our installed base to migrate to the cloud at their own pace, we are well positioned to sustain this momentum,” said Julien Signès, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Video Network at Synamedia.

Synamedia’s video network solutions power premium quality broadcast and broadband video for more than 1,000 operators worldwide and 100 million daily viewers. Its video distribution, processing and delivery services and solutions create compelling live multi-screen experiences, enable software-defined video processing and unify operations. The award-winning portfolio also touts a cloud-ready, converged broadcast and broadband end-to-end ATSC 3.0 offering and low latency solutions for live video. Its virtualized DCM features live transcoding to multiple bit rates and formats, scalable video functions and best-in-class video quality all aimed to deliver infinite entertainment.