Tech Innovator Apoidea Group Launches TeamPrompt


Apoidea Group, a leading technology company in Hong Kong  with expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), has announced the launch of its latest web-based application, TeamPrompt. This innovative tool is designed to simplify communication with AI assistants (also known as Large Language Models ‘LLM’) such as ChatGPT, Microsoft 365 Copilot and Ernie Bot by Baidu, to improve work efficiency for individuals and organizations alike.

TeamPrompt offers a vast library of prompt templates, together with its auto-suggestion function, users can easily identify the potential prompts without browsing through the library. These templates are specifically designed to save users valuable time in crafting prompts and facilitate them in giving more accurate instructions to AI assistants.

TeamPrompt has enormous potential for working-class individuals, students, corporates, and the mass public in facilitating their daily life. By simplifying communication with AI assistants, it will improve work efficiency and productivity in various industries and occasions.

One of the features of TeamPrompt is its community contribution function.  This allows all users to build and share their own prompt templates with other community members or team members at work. TeamPrompt also comes with a prompt generator, which facilitates users to build their prompt templates based on their needs just by communicating their intention. The prompt library comes with a ranking system by the number of likes and usage, helping users to navigate through the library more efficiently.

Cheney Cheng, CEO of Apoidea Group, commented on the launch of the application, stating that “We are thrilled to introduce our latest product, TeamPrompt. Our team has been eagerly anticipating this moment in AI technology when it is massively adopted for daily use. With several powerful language processing AI models like ChatGPT becoming available, we noticed there are still room for general users to make the most from these powerful tools. As a company that has always believed in the potential of AI technology, our team of experts in data science and software engineering is committed and ready to deliver on our vision of driving AI transformation by developing practical solutions like TeamPrompt. TeamPrompt has achieved satisfying results after internal testing, and we are proud to launch it for public testing, our team is devoted to constantly improving its function based on the feedback from our users.”

Cheney also shared his insight on the potential of LLMs in education, saying “As more higher education institutions are embracing the use of AI assistants, we believe that the AI technology may transform education in the near future. It has the potential to facilitate both teachers and students in creating personalised learning experiences and freeing up more time for meaningful in-depth study ”

TeamPrompt is now available for free on without the need for any VPN configuration. A certain amount of prompt templates for the working class, students and corporation users are available for exploration.