TerraZero Technologies Inc. Offers Corporate Update & Business Development Amid Rapidly Growing Metaverse Adoption


TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero” or the “Company“), formed in early 2021, is a diversified, vertically integrated metaverse technology company with three distinct areas of focus: (i) the development studio, (ii) the technology division, such as Amadea and (iii) the data analytics platform to improve decision making for its customers. In addition, TerraZero owns significant amounts of virtual land assets in multiple metaverse worlds, and is one of the largest landowners in Decentraland (www.decentraland.org).

By 2026, more than 2.0 billion users will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for work, shopping, education, social and/or entertainment, according to Gartner, Inc.  Amid the rapid metaverse growth and its significant economic potential, which is projected to be an US$8 trillion to US$13 trillion market by 2030 according to Citi (www.citi.com), TerraZero is ideally positioned with its three distinct areas of focus: the studio, the technology division, and the data analytics engine:

  1. The studio is a technology agnostic, professional services revenue generating business in hyper-growth mode, that works with brand clients to create their experiences and events within the various metaverse worlds by providing the 3D modeling, gamification and programming to enable functionality and e-commerce. Many of the Company’s activations, like Miller Lite’s Super Bowl 2022 event, and those during Metaverse Fashion Week, continue to gain significant consumer and media attention.  TerraZero is currently working on activations for multiple leading international brands.

    The studio is also building a major destination entertainment district which will include one of the world’s largest multi-purpose arena e.g. with concert stadium functionalities with potential future capabilities to host millions of fans, interactivity and games, retail shopping stores, bars and nightclubs, and much more, with a specific goal to attract, entertain, and retain an increasingly large number of visitors. 

    TerraZero studio is also in advanced discussions with various new advertising clients who are highly interested in the company’s billboard promotion capabilities in Decentraland. Recently, music label Atlantic Records (www.atlanticrecords.com) and its artist A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (www.aboogiehbtl.com) engaged TerraZero for a marketing campaign with music streaming integration.

  2. The technology platform division creates solutions that brands, businesses and individuals use to bridge the real world with the metaverse. For example, Amadea is the first of several tools in the product pipeline of the Company’s software platform division.

    Amadea is currently in beta testing and projected to be launched and deployed in Q2 2022, enabling brands, companies, and individuals to buy, sell, and rent multiple virtual worlds’ land NFTs.  An NFT rental marketplace to separate ownership and utility has great potential to enable large-scale adoption of blockchain games, guilds and projects.  The company expects Amadea to become a flagship product that will help brands, businesses and individuals accelerate their projects.  A roadmap of new functionalities and modules are scheduled to be rolled out over the next 24 months.

  3. TerraZero’s Data division is taking expansion through the capturing of new data feeds within the metaverse to provide TerraZero’s brand clients better understanding of consumer behaviors and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  As the industry matures, TerraZero sees a tremendous opportunity to continue to expand its data division to provide a next generation data platform that will deliver new consumer insight and market intelligence that simply don’t exist today.  As TerraZero’s Studio & Technology solutions take expansion through the continuous creation of new data feeds, TerraZero’s data will become indispensable to its customers and industry.

Dan Reitzik, Blockchain-veteran and CEO of TerraZero, states: “We are tremendously excited about the progress of our studio, technology platform, and data analytics divisions. The studio continues working with Fortune 500 brands and companies, as they navigate their way into the metaverse. The launch of Amadea will be a significant milestone for TerraZero as it represents one of the first technology platforms to be released that truly bridges the real world with the metaverse. The data analytics products are already proving to be invaluable to our brand clients and will continue to become more and more intelligent as the metaverse matures.”

Please see a few videos below for an example of TerraZero’s current work:

Miller Lite Bar: https://youtu.be/xHBDrrrOHCU

Zipmex: https://youtu.be/a7Wr7a9beBI

Billboards: https://youtu.be/TumzyHkGNCc

TerraZero’s DCL HQ: https://youtu.be/9jSS0JjLj5w

Interested corporations or individuals, which might wish to receive more information about TerraZero’s divisions and services or which might be looking for an individual metaverse project proposal, should visit the Company’s website www.terrazero.com or contact TerraZero’s metaverse specialists at [email protected].