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The Airborne LiDAR Market is expected to grow at 16.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2029. It is expected to reach USD 1854.05 million by 2029.

Airborne LiDAR Market Growth in upcoming years

The Airborne LiDAR market is expected to experience substantial growth in the upcoming years. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote detecting technology that uses laser pulses to measure distances and create 3D representations of objects and surfaces. Airborne LiDAR systems are used in a wide range of applications, including mapping, surveying, and environmental monitoring.

The growth of the market is also driven by the increasing adoption of LiDAR in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. UAVs equipped with LiDAR sensors can capture high-resolution images and data, which can be used for a range of applications such as infrastructure inspection, disaster management, and precision agriculture.

Asia Pacific (~34%) is estimated to be the fastest-growing market for airborne LiDAR.

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Growing adoption of LiDAR in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs): The adoption of LiDAR in UAVs is growing rapidly, as it enables faster and more accurate data collection in a range of applications, such as infrastructure inspection, disaster management, and precision agriculture.

Use of LiDAR in urban planning and smart city initiatives: The use of LiDAR in urban planning and smart city initiatives is increasing, as it can create detailed 3D models of urban areas, which can be used for city planning, transportation management, and environmental monitoring.

Advancements in LiDAR technology: The development of advanced LiDAR sensors and systems is driving the growth of the airborne LiDAR market. For instance, the development of solid-state LiDAR sensors is enabling faster data collection and greater accuracy.

Here are some of the technological advancements in the Airborne LiDAR Market:

The airborne LiDAR market has seen significant technological advancements in recent years, including:

Solid-state LiDAR: Solid-state LiDAR sensors use solid-state components, such as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), to generate and receive laser pulses. They offer several advantages over traditional LiDAR sensors, such as smaller size, lower power consumption, and faster data acquisition.

Multi-beam LiDAR: Multi-beam LiDAR systems use multiple laser beams to simultaneously scan an area, enabling faster and more accurate data collection. These systems are particularly useful in applications such as land surveying and mapping, where large areas need to be scanned quickly.

Improved data processing and analysis: Advances in computing power and data processing algorithms have enabled faster and more accurate processing and analysis of LiDAR data. This has led to the development of new applications, such as real-time LiDAR-based obstacle detection and avoidance systems for UAVs.

Competitive Insight

Some of the notable market players operating in the global Airborne LiDAR Market covered in this report are:

  • Airborne Imaging
  • Faro Technologies
  • Firmatek, Flir Systems
  • Lasermap
  • Leica Geosystems-Part of Hexagon
  • Merrick & Company
  • RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH
  • Saab Group
  • Teledyne Technologies. *The Company List Is Indicative

Recent Developments

Here are some recent developments in the airborne LiDAR market:

  • Velodyne Lidar’s acquisition of Mapper.ai: In December 2021, Velodyne Lidar, a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and solutions, announced the acquisition of Mapper.ai, a provider of high-resolution 3D mapping and localization technology. The acquisition is expected to enable Velodyne to offer more advanced mapping and localization solutions for autonomous vehicles and other applications.
  • Leica Geosystems’ collaboration with Beijing Geo-Vision Technology: In August 2021, Leica Geosystems, a provider of surveying and mapping solutions, announced a collaboration with Beijing Geo-Vision Technology, a Chinese LiDAR manufacturer. The collaboration is expected to enable Leica Geosystems to expand its offerings in the Chinese market.

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Segment Overview

The Airborne LiDAR Market is segmented By Solution, By Type, and By Platform.

Airborne Lidar Market by Solution, 2022-2029, (USD Million)

  • System
  • Services

Airborne Lidar Market by Type, 2022-2029, (USD Million)

  • Topographic
  • Bathymetric
  • System
  • Service

Airborne Lidar Market by Platform, 2022-2029, (USD Million)

  • Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
  • UAVs

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the Airborne LiDAR Market is segmented into North AmericaSouth AmericaEurope, APAC and MEA.

  • North America: includes the US, CanadaMexico
  • Europe: includes UK, GermanyFranceItalySpainRussia, and Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific: includes ChinaJapanSouth KoreaIndiaAustralia, ASEAN and Rest of APAC
  • South America: includes BrazilArgentina and Rest of South America
  • Middle East & Africa: includes Turkey, UAE, Saudi ArabiaSouth Africa, and Rest of MEA

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Regional Insights

North AmericaNorth America is the largest market for airborne LiDAR, with the United States being the primary contributor to the region’s growth. The region’s growth is driven by the increasing adoption of LiDAR technology in industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture, as well as the presence of several leading LiDAR technology providers.

Asia Pacific: The Asia Pacific region is expected to see significant growth in the airborne LiDAR market in the coming years, driven by the growing adoption of LiDAR technology in various applications such as land surveying, agriculture, and forestry. Countries such as ChinaIndia, and Japan are expected to be major contributors to the region’s growth.

What are the Key Data Covered in this Airborne LiDAR Market Report?

  • Market size and growth rate: This refers to the overall size of the airborne LiDAR market in terms of revenue and the projected growth rate over a certain period of time.
  • Market segmentation: This refers to how the market is divided into different segments based on various factors such as application, platform, component, and geography.
  • Competitive landscape: This refers to the major players operating in the airborne LiDAR market, their market share, and their competitive strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations.
  • Market trends and drivers: This refers to the factors driving the growth of the airborne LiDAR market such as technological advancements, increasing demand for 3D imaging technology, and the growing adoption of LiDAR technology in various industries.
  • Market challenges and opportunities: This refers to the challenges faced by the airborne LiDAR market such as high costs and technical complexities, and the opportunities for growth in emerging markets and new applications.

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