and Deloitte Canada Leverage Latest In Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Internal Audit


AuditMap Technologies Incorporated (, an Ottawa-based software company, and Deloitte Canada are pleased to announce an ongoing alliance agreement to deploy the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance internal audit services.

As businesses strive to anticipate risks in an increasingly fast-paced environment, and identify key insights and opportunities for success, technology deployment within the internal audit space is advancing rapidly. The collaboration between and Deloitte Canada sees a unique opportunity to support current and future clients in increasing their capacity to make strategic decisions, identify and proactively address risks facing their businesses, and explore key insights in real-time.

“We’re excited to continue forging our relationship with, especially as it means delivering cutting edge AI technology to our clients,” said Tim Scott, National Managing Partner, Internal Audit Services at Deloitte Canada. “Over the past several months, we’ve fostered a strong working relationship with the team at AuditMap, helping foster their groundbreaking platform, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in helping our clients identify key insights, analyze risks, and conduct audits with ease.” has created a solution for developing a view of business exposures, which has always been a strenuous task for teams to tackle. The AI-powered tool, among other things, unlocks the wealth of knowledge held in audit documentation by extracting key statements of interest (e.g. Risks and Risk Trends) while providing an easy-to-use interface to explore them.

“We’ve been working with the Canadian team at Deloitte for the past several months and are looking forward to learning more as the relationship brings Deloitte closer to enhanced engagements with their clients using AuditMap’s AI platform,” said Mathieu Lemay, CEO & Co-Founder of “This alliance proves that we’re stronger together and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”