Locus partners with Tracker to power an end-to-end supply chain management solution


Locus, a future-ready platform that automates supply chain decisions, has partnered with Tracker, a leading provider of telematics solutions in South Africa, to power an end-to-end Planning, Optimization and Execution Management platform. The partnership leverages Tracker’s telematics expertise and footprint combined with specialist software capability from Locus to provide a holistic supply chain management solution.

Telematics data from subscribed vehicles is interpreted by the technology platform supplied by Locus to provide real-time transport analytics and insights. This complements the pre-existing Tracker insight into vehicle location and driver behaviour by delivering analytics that provides full visibility at an operational level around all aspects of route planning and deliveries. It also enables a comparison between planned versus actual performance.

Easy to implement, understand, and use, the technology empowers fleet managers to make immediate decisions based on automated, real-time fleet data. The Locus platform is an automated routing system that helps businesses seamlessly dispatch and manage resources on the ground, whilst automating key decision-making steps with the help of proprietary adaptive algorithms. This results in increased SLA adherence and reduced time, distance, and operational costs. The platform has enhanced visibility from origin to destination with a feature-rich control tower dashboard, driver application, and customer-facing tracking interface. Driver analysis and scoring paired with the artificial intelligence dashcam component for driver authorisation and in-cab monitoring further enhances compliance management.

This smart management platform further assists fleets to obtain higher asset utilisation, better driver communication, and seamless interactions with shippers and warehouses. These efficiencies offer significant cost and time savings to the business.

Piyush Sharma, Vice President of Business for APAC, GCC & Africa, says, “We are extremely excited about partnering with Tracker, which is a well-known and loved technology brand in Africa. Our solutions complement each other perfectly and open up great opportunities for us to explore the African market deeply while unlocking significantly more value for our end customers. The pandemic & other unforeseeable events have made it extremely crucial to have a resilient supply chain. End-to-end visibility with Dispatch Management & Optimisation capabilities gives organizations that boost of agility which ensures they are ahead of the game. That’s where this partnership unlocks great value for our clients and potential customers.”

“We are excited to partner with an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) partner like Locus to bolster our solution sets,” says Kobus Visagie, Executive: Business Solutions at Tracker South Africa. “This partnership translates into robust analytics and advanced routing and optimisation capabilities for our fleet customers that should produce significant benefits to these businesses in the areas of cost savings, revenue generation, and increased service levels.”