VeChainThor Is One Of The Most Eco-friendly Public Blockchains Worldwide, CTI Verified


The world is at a climate crossroads. Blockchain, the game-changing technology in this era, should also take more collective action to hasten this movement. As the world’s leading public blockchain, VeChainThor pledges to cultivate a healthier planet by greener technology.

To build and maintain this successful practice, VeChain research team worked with Centre Testing International Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called CTI), the pioneer and leader in the TIC industry which provides one-stop solutions on testing, inspection, certification, calibration, audit, training & technical services, to measure the carbon footprint of VeChainThor public blockchain network.

The Results

According to the estimation model, the total carbon emissions per year generated by VeChainThor is about 4.58 metric tons, approximately 2.4% of the carbon emission generated for mining a single Bitcoin according to.

The electricity consumed by VeChainThor for the whole year is estimated to be 7581.31 kWh, roughly equaling the electricity used to process 4.3 Bitcoin or 51 Ethereum transactions. We have also found the resource that shows data of some PoS chains related to carbon footprint. The outcome was that each transaction on VeChainThor consumed approximately 0.000216 KWh, which was 0.04% of the amount estimated for Cardano as listed in.

Rigorous Methodology of Carbon Emission Estimation

CTI provides trusted authentication services, to combine scientific modeling and certified measuring to infer a reliable estimation of the carbon footprint of the VeChainThor public blockchain. (Read Full Report)

Energy costs per transaction on a decentralized network are a preliminary step in determining whether a network can achieve sustainability. VeChainThor uses Proof-of-Authority consensus, which does not require nodes participate in the consensus process to compete. The rights to produce new blocks are equally distributed to all the 101 consensus nodes, i.e., the Authority Masternodes (AMs). Here the key finding is that the AMs share the same amount of computational workload in the network according to the design of the blockchain.

To deliver a model for estimating the carbon emissions of the 101 AMs, it was found out that what we could do was to accurately measure the power usage of a single machine that solely hosted an AM in a controlled environment.

EGHG ≈ μPUE x ∑iαiEF x MCTI.

Here EGHG stands for the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, μPUE the average annual power usage effectiveness (PUE) for data centres worldwide, {αiEF}i, the regional emission factors (EFs) for electricity supply, and MCTI the actual power usage data of a single AM measured by CTI. The model recognizes that some blockchain nodes are hosted on clouds. Therefore, we use the average PUE data for data centres worldwide to estimate the amount of electricity consumption. The model also reflects the regional differences of carbon emissions for same amount of electricity consumption. It therefore includes different regional EFs when estimating the overall GHG emission.

Green Entrepreneurship Powered by VeChainThor

A business’s digital carbon footprint is the complete expression of its operation. As the world’s largest corporations are on board, it is also essential to raise awareness of how underlying digital technologies have discrete yet vital roles to play in mitigating emissions (UN). Recent research estimates that the ICT sector, which includes blockchain, will be responsible for 1.97% of global emissions by 2030. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to build on blockchain technology, they are looking not only at energy consumption but examining the long-term sustainability of this critical technology.

VeChain has vigorously set out in a digitally saturated atmosphere to mitigate emissions of VeChainThor and scale necessary to meet our goal to be the greenest public blockchain. With the upcoming PoA 2.0 upgrade, VeChain intends to empower a more secured and efficient layer 1 public blockchain platform.


VeChainThor: The Superior Platform To Seize Nascent NFT Opportunities


NFTs have taken the world by storm, witnessing the rise of NFT adoption, with digital artwork auctions fetching as much as $70 Million USD and NFTs even being included in the Oscars 2021 gift bag and making headlines in the media. More recently, eBay Inc. allowed the sale of NFTs for digital collectibles like trading cards, images and video clips on its platform – the first e-commerce company to tap into the NFT frenzy.

With artists, celebrities, producers and other creatives adopting NFTs in droves, we see the emergence of NFTs as a new mainstay for arts, culture and collectibles, but the technology is capable of far more. NFTs have the potential to positively impact every aspect of our daily digital lives, unlocking and sustainable value for enterprises. This is where VeChain’s Enterprise NFT (eNFT) Ecosystem comes into play.

eNFTs – A Fortress of Enterprise Value

An eNFT is made to allow all stakeholders, including enterprises and users, to reach consensus on the issuer, owner and transfer history of an NFT through the utilization of public blockchain. By designing and developing eNFTs with clear purpose, the enterprise gains the capability to map every single digital asset on a traceable, decentralized ledger, no matter whether product, service or even business process.

The process of tokenization is the key step to joining the upcoming eNFT value network. eNFT technology makes it possible for enterprises to change the way that their assets are circulated and traded, even creating new service areas, expanding and enhancing product claims and allowing businesses to trustlessly detail their attributes. eNFTs also maximize the value of their corresponding assets, providing a layer of trust and transparency around an item or service. This will eventually change the way enterprises engage with end-users and drastically enhance user engagement and experience.

VeChainThor – The Best Choice For Enterprise NFTs

When it comes to enterprise-tier blockchain infrastructure, the VeChainThor public blockchain is widely considered the best-in-market. With an impressive array of real world and matured solutions, VeChain is completely unique in its level of real-world delivery. In addition, VeChain has demonstrated:

Reliable underlying technology: VeChainThor’s ‘Proof of Authority’ (PoA) consensus is far more ecologically sustainable, with massively reduced environmental burden vs PoW. The platform has repeatedly proven to be one of the most practical and robust solutions for building enterprise-grade public blockchain solutions. VeChainThor delivered unique infrastructure-level blockchain tools with VeChain ToolChain™, a one-stop data BaaS platform, tailor-made for rapid development of enterprise applications on VeChainThor. With VeChain ToolChain™, enterprises can focus on building business solutions rather than be hindered by technical challenges.

Seamless integration with IoT: eNFT applications can directly and easily use VeChain’s NFT standard protocol and its enterprise-level API. It is even more powerful when integrated with IoT devices such as NFC chips. Enterprises can easily attach NFC chips to products with valuable information registered and verified on blockchain, enabling the tokenization of valuable assets.

World-leading professional services: Since 2015, VeChain has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of enterprises, no matter whether SME or Fortune 500. Our numerous successful use cases speak for themselves and place VeChain in a unique position versus any other blockchain protocol. Enterprise users can easily access professional services from VeChain’s strategic partners, including DNV and PwC. For instance, Tag Trace Trust, one of DNV’s digital product, allowing the enterprise to issue a statement, certificate of conformity or product passport to share the quality, performance and environmental impact of products and assets. These processes will become the backbone of the digital economy and VeChain is the pioneer.

“eNFT ecosystem will provide a revolutionary platform for the next era of value networks, providing unlimited scope for the digital assets of enterprises. VeChainThor opens a new door for traditional industries, unlocking latent value through the exploration of adoption of blockchain technology.” Dr. Peter Zhou, Chief Scientist of VeChain said.