ViewMind Named Among Business Worldwide Magazine’s Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2021


ViewMind is a neurotech company specializing in developing non-invasive evaluations for the early detection and management of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, using revolutionary eye-tracking technology.  This groundbreaking approach has led to the company being named by Business Worldwide Magazine in its list of “Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2021.”

The list is a celebration of the trailblazing organizations that are changing the game in their respective industries and altering the corporate landscape. Encompassing healthcare, banking, industry, construction, energy, and more, these companies are at the cutting edge of breakthrough technologies, innovation and modernized business structures. Those included have a shared goal of developing revolutionary products and technologies that drive scalable business models and disrupt established industries and markets.

As leaders in the biotech field, ViewMind have developed a solution that could improve (and even save) millions of lives. Using cutting edge technology in an immersive diagnosis, it allows for precise, neurocognitive health assessments, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Led by CEO Mark Edwards, the company set out to solve a problem posed by Bill Gates – how to find a relatable, affordable and easy-to-use diagnostic for stopping Alzheimer’s. it’s a crippling, devastating condition with over 50 million sufferers, and is the sixth leading cause of mortality in Americans aged 65 or over. The World Health Organization has ranked Alzheimer’s as the 7th leading cause of death globally, and it affects twice as many women as men.

ViewMind’s pioneering work is not only revolutionary from a technological point of view, but the solutions the company has developed have been clinically validated and their devices have been approved in several regions including Europe. ViewMind are partnering with tier one pharmaceutical companies around the world, and their solutions can enable physicians to detect conditions including Alzheimer’s as much as 20 years before symptoms appear.

The solution combines a non-invasive virtual reality eye tracking headset with ViewMind’s artificial intelligence (AI) application to identify minor alterations in how a patient’s eyes behave under certain visual stimuli processing. These oculomotor patterns are analysed by the software and allow the detection of pathologies with high precision. Historically, the most common form of testing has involved either cognitive pen and paper testing solutions, which were developed 30 to 50 years ago and required skilled assessors and time consuming to perform and lack objectivity. The physical condition of the brain is historically assessed with biomarkers using diagnostic solutions such as a lumbar puncture, a brain scan or a PET scan – all of which are both invasive and expensive.  Furthermore, these tests typically only take place once the patient has obvious symptoms – meaning the disease may be too far advanced and treatment is unlikely to have a significant impact. The Alzheimer’s pathology begins some 20 years before clinical symptoms, and ViewMind’s approach is revolutionary because it allows for early detection among patients with only mild cognitive impairment.

Operations are expanding globally, and this is clearly a company that’s poised for huge commercial success. For further details on ViewMind and its innovative plans, please visit the company website –  

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ViewMind Inc Announces Appointment of Chief Executive Officer


The medical device, digital health and artificial intelligence company ViewMind, today announces that Mark Edwards has been appointed CEO. Mark has been involved with ViewMind since 2019 in the role of Chairman and Co-founder, and will take on his new position with immediate effect.

The appointment comes as ViewMind moves to rapidly expand and scale with its award-winning breakthrough technology. ViewMind has pioneered an affordable, reliable and accessible digital biomarker for cognitive health. ViewMind’s digital biomarkers are able to diagnose, monitor and screen for Alzheimer’s up to 20 years before symptoms. This empowers individuals to make changes to their lifestyle (e.g. FINGERS protocol), that could alter the disease progression and enable pharmaceutical companies to identify subjects in the very early stages of the disease who would be most responsive to new drug treatments – a previously elusive cohort.

ViewMind has also developed digital biomarkers for other neurocognitive diseases including Parkinson’s Disease (PD), multiple sclerosis (MS) and Long COVID, to quantify the neurocognitive impact of these diseases that could lead to improved monitoring, treatment and patient outcomes.

Mark Edwards, CEO, ViewMind Inc, “I’m excited to be leading ViewMind and working with a fantastic team to help pioneer vital advancements in cognitive health diagnostics. According to the WHO, the number of individuals with Alzheimer’s will double every 20 years representing one of the most significant global health challenges, which cost $1 trillion a year in care cost in 2018 and is expected to increase to $2 trillion a year by 2030. By developing an affordable, reliable, non-invasive and accessible breakthrough digital biomarker, ViewMind can help doctors diagnose a patient’s future cognitive health, empowering them to take control and appropriate actions.”

Nicolas Tognalli, Managing Partner of CITES, an early lead investor in ViewMind, “Mark has over 25 years of international business experience building market leading technology businesses and we’re excited to see him take ViewMind on the next stage of its journey and global expansion. We are confident that Mark’s background and experience in AI and innovative technologies will help ViewMind continue to help revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive diseases.”

As an entrepreneur and veteran of the technology industry with 25 years of international CEO and board experience, Mark has led technology businesses at the forefront of AI, software and hardware development. He has helped grow businesses at various stages from start-up to $250M revenue divisions of public companies including; Hewlett Packard [HPQ, HPE], Microsoft [MSFT], Mformation Inc (acquired by Nokia [NOK]), Psion Computers PLC, Spring Group PLC (Acquired by Adecco [AHEXY]), Oculi Inc, Symbian PLC (Acquired by Nokia [NOK]) and TrackWithEase Inc. and he has co-founded 7 technology companies.

Mark holds a 1st Class Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Computing Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK.