Frost & Sullivan & Vizru Sign Multi-year Strategic Partnership to Enable Technology-driven Enterprise Growth


Frost & Sullivan has entered into a strategic partnership with Vizru to revolutionize technology transformation for enterprises and accelerate growth for its customers.

“Large enterprises have built significant assets over decades in the form of customers, data, contracts, supply chain ecosystems, products, and services,” explained Ramesh Mahalingam, CEO of Vizru. “However, they are struggling to monetize these assets for growth and realize their full potential. It’s essential now, more than ever, to bring technology to the forefront and switch from strategy-driven technology to technology-driven strategy.”

David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan, added: “I believe that in today’s digital transformation era, technology is at the core of growth for all corporations and governments worldwide. To survive and thrive, companies have to look at emerging technologies, new business models, and transformative mega trends to develop a comprehensive strategy. This partnership with Vizru allows Frost & Sullivan clients to leverage technology solutions to accelerate and maximize their future growth potential.”

The strategic partners are launching the Digital Innovation Hub, one of the world’s largest innovation hubs. It will deliver next-generation technology transformation solutions for enterprises that will unlock the intrinsic value of their assets while helping them implement their growth strategies.

Through the Digital Innovation Hub, enterprises can leverage a Smart Launchpad that organically incorporates Vizru’s Zero-Code technology framework for artificial intelligence (AI) applications and Frost & Sullivan’s industry-proven Growth Pipeline Engine™, a unique and powerful framework that helps enterprises drive continuous growth. The partnership empowers enterprises to go to market with multiple technology products faster, smarter, and cheaper. This approach reduces time-to-value from the traditional 18-month cycle to a less than three-month cycle. It gives enterprises the freedom to build, try, and succeed, or fail fast and build again at lightning speed.

The first-of-its-kind, non-fungible token (NFT)-based Digital Innovation Hub offers its corporate members:

  • Turnkey access to emerging technologies federated under an umbrella service-level agreement (SLA).
  • A central key to engage innovators across 38 countries.
  • Exclusive access to a zero-code platform and curated AI frameworks.
  • High-caliber development team to rapidly deliver proofs of concepts (POCs).
  • Free data-safe, compliant sandbox to test-fly products.
  • Access to Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Pipeline as a Service and Growth Partnership as a Service.
  • Access to Frost & Sullivan’s growth insights, outlooks, analytics, and analysts.
  • Access to Frost & Sullivan’s reputable global events, think tanks, best practices recognition, and more.
  • Automatically accrued NFT rewards.

The first Digital Innovation Hub will soon be operational in Chennai, India, serving customers globally.