Voltaiq partners with Veniam to provide global solution for transferring electrified vehicle battery data


VOLTAIQ, the industry leader in Enterprise Battery Intelligence™ and VENIAM, the leading intelligent networking platform provider have signed a partnership agreement to transfer an order of magnitude more electrification data to the cloud. Using VENIAM’s Intelligent Networking Platform, VOLTAIQ will enable its customers to make the most out of all available networks such as 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, and V2X networks, thereby transferring larger battery data sets to power their cloud analytics.

Battery technology has developed rapidly in the last 10 years and demand for electric vehicles is at an all-time high with growth rates over 300% per year. To further drive adoption, battery range and health are among the most pressing concerns.  VOLTAIQ has developed the market’s only fully–automated, purpose–built battery analytics solution capable of systematically gathering, analyzing, and translating vast quantities of battery data into actionable insights. The company’s intelligent software solution equips customers with a holistic understanding of their battery systems, allowing them to access real–time battery function and predict future performance and behavior accurately.

To solve the challenge of transferring the fast growing data volumes in a cost-effective way, VOLTAIQ will leverage VENIAM’s unique ability to transfer 10x more data at 50% – 80% lower cost per gigabyte. This includes utilizing millions of Wi-Fi hotspots for data offload automatically even when the vehicles are on the move. Vehicles powered by VOLTAIQ will also be able to use enterprise Wi-Fi networks for data offload and even communicate securely among each other using Veniam’s advanced vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities.

Tal Sholklapper, VOLTAIQ CEO, says: We are only working with the best technology partners and did extensive research to find a superior platform that ensures safe data transfer between the vehicle and the cloud. Our partnership with Veniam is a milestone for our customers in making high-fidelity battery data available in mass production by easing the biggest concern which is the cost and convenience of large data transfers.

João Barros, CEO Veniam adds: We are delighted that VOLTAIQ has decided to partner with Veniam and use our intelligent networking platform for massive data transfers to the Cloud. Today, we are already transferring terabytes of mobile data per month in the most economic way. Going forward, we look forward to supporting VOLTAIQ in enabling the best customer experience for the owners of battery-powered vehicles and shaping future mobility in a way that addresses the challenges of climate change.