The Grand Opening of Digital Paradise – An Immersive Art-Tech Experience Firstly Takes Place in Sanya


On April 20th, “Digital Paradise – an Immersive Art-Tech Experience” welcomes its grand opening. This exhibition is hosted by Sanya Tourism Promotion Board and organized by Sanya Hi Town Wanda Pioneer Cultural Art Center, and curated by Neal Space, the initiator of the world’s largest digital art exhibition NFT ART WEEK. From April 21st to May 4th, the exhibition will feature artworks by over 50 digital artists and artist teams from multiple countries and regions, including AsiaNorth AmericaEuropeSouth Africa, and Australia. It will create stunning visual effects and unique interactive experiences through iconic screen matrices, giant digital screen installations, and immersive spaces, providing audiences with a journey through a digital wonderland and promoting Sanya as a new landmark in the field of art and technology.

“Digital Paradise” in Sanya: A digital wonderland dedicated to the public in the global development of technology and culture.

The exhibition featured six major theme halls, showcasing a series of cutting-edge digital art pieces by over 50 digital artists/teams and 36 avant-garde digital art collections. The exhibited artworks covered a range of digital art fields, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, computer-generated art, interactive installations, and more. Notable highlights include the Asian debut of the latest series of artist Krista Kim’s “Mirror of the Mind”, part of the LACMA collection; the first attempt by participating artist DaDa at Tate Britain and the Linz Music Festival to publicize VR interactive experiences in a way that links immersive projection; surreal virtual model series artworks by Shavonne Wong, co-founder of NFT Asia and 2020 Forbes Asia 30U30, a 3D digital artist from Singapore; artworks by artist MOses Li and digital art team Black Void themed on Sanya, as well as digital ink works by Cindy Ng, a digital artist recommended by Art Basel HK. Global digital artists present unprecedented visual impact and sensory experiences through innovation and application of digital technology, bringing a rare digital audiovisual feast to the audience.

It’s worth mentioning that artist MOses Li specially created the Sanya-themed work “MOses’ entry_print (‘N18°_E109°’)” for this exhibition. Inspired by the geographic data of Sanya, he uses latitude and longitude as the starting point, selecting an angle of the rising sun in the morning as parameter to generate a unique data-driven natural landscape. He observed the complex and diverse possibilities that are difficult to grasp in reality. The artwork showcases the diverse cultural charm and infinite possibilities of Sanya in the digital world, presenting them to the audience.

Shaping travel through culture and showcasing culture through travel – Sanya, the international tourist destination, has become a new landmark of technology art

Digital Paradise – Immersive Art-Tech Experience in Sanya takes healing, immersion, interaction, and technology as different themes and approaches, providing citizens and tourists with more personalized and profound exhibition and leisure travel experiences. This art exhibition is the first “technology + art” boutique exhibition introduced in Sanya, marking a self-iteration from “trending” to “fashion pioneer”. Through this exhibition, Sanya, the international tourist destination, has become a new landmark of art and technology.

Along with this exhibition, Sanya Tourism Promotion Board will launch a commemorative edition of the exhibition dynamic poster digital asset in collaboration with Poly Digi-Entertainment, leveraging blockchain technology to allow cultural and artistic enthusiasts to own and collect the beauty; and a co-branding experience room package with Wanda Realm Resort Sanya Haitang Bay, aimed at allowing citizens and tourists not only to interact with cutting-edge art and technology, but also to immerse themselves in the artistic atmosphere of vacation and leisure, experiencing extraordinary artistic visual effects, and comprehensively enhancing the travel experience. This event has also received a lot of attention from renowned brands, especially Chateau Sungod GreatWall providing strong support for the exhibition.

Albert Yip, director of Sanya Tourism Promotion Board mentioned, “We hope to leverage this art and technology exhibition as an opportunity to enrich the cultural and tourism industry in Sanya, allowing tourists to not only enjoy the sunshine and beaches but also feel the ‘new’ vibe of Sanya in the context of the free trade port construction, integrating cultural activities into the lives of citizens and truly realizing the concept of shared responsibility. We welcome all digital artists to visit Sanya, feel the vitality, innovation, and opportunities of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and draw more creative inspiration from it, presenting the vitality, innovation, and opportunities of Sanya through their works.”

Sanya Tourism Promotion Board is a legally established agency initiated and registered by the Sanya municipal government. Its mission is to boldly explore and experiment with the Hainan Free Trade Port, and to comprehensively expand the market for Sanya tourism, enhance the international reputation of Sanya as a tourism destination, and explore new experiences in national tourism system reform and innovation. The Bureau is responsible for formulating Sanya tourism promotion plans and programs, coordinating and managing domestic and international tourism promotion affairs, conducting joint marketing activities with tourism enterprises, undertaking external tourism exchanges and cooperation, and making every effort to achieve high-quality and high-standard comprehensive promotion of the construction of Hainan as an international tourism consumption center.

Neal Space is a digital art platform founded by Neal Digital, dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of the digital art field and expanding the positive impact of the NFT art community in the world. Through interdisciplinary and meaningful curatorial themes, we aim to constantly focus on high-quality digital art creation, establish diverse connections between the digital and physical worlds, and address new propositions constantly emerging in the digital age to promote cross-cultural exchanges of digital artists worldwide.

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