The meteoric rise of commercial esports football tournaments

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As football maintains its position as one of the most popular sports around the globe, with an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, and continues to draw in mind-blowing viewing figures – 328 million people watched the tragic end to England’s Euro 2020 campaign back in July – fans are hungry for more and have increasingly been eyeing up a new and exciting form of sporting entertainment: esports football.

Esports events and competitions are rapidly gaining traction with sports and betting fans, and esports football is no exception. As esports-mania sweeps the globe, efootball tournament organizers including are leading the charge, helping to bring this exciting new sport to an ever-growing audience of action-hungry internet users.

It’s small wonder that this form of entertainment has attained such staggering levels of popularity. Efootball clashes offer all the exciting action you’d find in any real-life football showdown, but the virtual version also boasts the major advantage of having more matches to sink your teeth into, broadcast more often. And, what’s even better for punters looking for a quick fix of sporting thrills is that matches are short, lasting just 12 minutes, but are still jam-packed with all the drama and action fans demand.

Commercial esports football tournaments are one of the new ways this popular esport is manifesting itself, and these competitions have experienced a major boost to their popularity as fans branch out into this exciting new field. ESportsBattle has seen its viewer numbers skyrocket by 42% from September’s figure to almost 40 million in December. Football has also been giving its virtual counterpart a leg-up, as major tournaments such as Euro 2020 have seen a marked increase in interest in cyber football competitions.

Live streaming is held on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube hosting a wealth of different efootball tournaments and leagues. Available 24/7 on EsportsBattle, these allow punters to watch virtual versions of all the biggest tournaments and leagues, with digital versions of their favorite teams going head-to-head in intense, edge-of-your-seat showdowns.

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