The Networking Group You’ve Never Heard of Celebrates Remarkable Milestone with 100 Members, Showcasing the Growing Influence of Female Leaders in the Industry

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SheEOs in Gaming, a networking group for female CEOs, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, Board Members, General Managers, Presidents and women entrepreneurs across the global gaming industry, proudly announces the achievement of a significant milestone with 100 members. This remarkable accomplishment underscores the rising prominence of women in leadership roles within the gaming sector.

Formed during the COVID-19 pandemic as a virtual network, SheEOs in Gaming is a network for female leaders that continues to grow with members from Asia, Africa, Europe, the US, Canada and Latin America and now meets at industry events and online.

The group was founded by industry veterans Kelly Kehn, Co-founder of All-in Diversity Project and Partner, Industry Relations at, and Sue Schneider, VP of Growth for Americas at SBC and former founder/CEO of River City Group. With a shared vision of fostering a supportive and collaborative network for female leaders in gaming, the group has cultivated an environment that encourages mentorship, knowledge sharing, and the advancement of women within the industry.

“We started the group in 2020 to offer the opportunity to connect during a very isolating time,” said Kelly Kehn. “We started with about 30 members from our personal networks and didn’t even have a name. Since then, the group has grown to 100 CEOs and leaders from around the world and from all industry sectors. We don’t advertise the group, we grow through member referrals. It’s a pretty special place.”

Sue Schneider, Co-founder of SheEOs, added, “In the early days of the industry, there were very few women in top positions in gaming companies or founding new businesses. “Lady bosses” were few and far between.  In the past few years, we began to see more women achieve those titles or found gaming companies so it made sense to martial their collective strength.  This opportunity to share experiences and insights that support each other and move the industry forward is critical.”

Other members of She.E.Os in Gaming have shared their thoughts on the group’s impact:

  • Emily Micallef, CEO of SiGMA Group, said, “I really do love the idea of this group. Having such camaraderie without judgment is lovely, and the acceptance and reaction to new ideas are so supportive.”
  • Karolina Pelc, CEO of Beyondplay, added, “This is a fantastic initiative and it is inspiring to see the group growing in strength and actively sharing knowledge, advice, and personal experience in the context of the industry in general. It’s also addressing challenges specific to women in leadership roles which, whether you like it or not, still exist.”
  • Claudia Heiling, Founder of Golden Whale, remarked, “There’s something special about a room full of women sharing experiences, interests, and business ideas. I always appreciate the ease in discussions with like-minded female founders and leaders – this group provides that opportunity and brings us closer together.”
SheEOs in Gaming is poised to continue elevating female leaders in the gaming industry and hopes this announcement will entice other CEOs to connect and join. Any females who hold the top title within their business (or sit on a board) including Founders, Managing Directors, Executive Directors, General Managers, Presidents, CEOs, or Chairs interested in joining can contact Kelly or Sue on LinkedIn for more information.

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