TRUE reveals the Victoria Wild West NFT gamification campaign results

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TRUE, in partnership with the innovative casino game provider TrueLab Game Studios, have introduced NFT gamification mechanics into their game Victoria Wild West by means of TRUE solution for the online gambling industry. Now, the team is ready to reveal the intermediate results since the launch of the project six months ago.

A wild-west-themed slot game Victoria Wild West is the first-to-market production release with the seamless integration of NFT gamification mechanics. This innovative experience is supposed to combine the fast evolving spheres of iGaming and NFT to boost player engagement and retention.

To integrate the NFT drop into the already existing game, TRUE developed a fully-fledged white-label NFT marketplace for the game provider, including all the required functionality for creating the engagement mechanics. Notably, a TRUE Wallet account is automatically created for every new player with one click to store and manage user’s NFTs.

Player metrics results

Initially envisioned as a tool to influence player retention, the Victoria Wild West NFT drop has gone above and beyond, producing far-reaching impacts on user behavior. By comparing metrics between users who activated at least one NFT in the drop and those who did not, the TRUE team discovered the following compelling results:

  1. Number of players. Since the launch, the number of players has surged by an impressive 7 times, reaching a peak of 10 during the promotion. It is worth mentioning, NFT integration into a game, being an innovative engagement tool is an attractive promotional mechanism by itself and can create additional hype for any online casino or game provider.
  2. Total bets volume. The implementation of NFT mechanics has increased the game’s overall bet volume by 3.5 times, and this upward trend continues. The NFT collection has breathed new life into the title as the original game marks its one-year availability in casinos this September. Eventually, the NFT drop not only captured the attention of players but also sparked interest from the operators.
  3. Total bets count. The total bets count has soared by 4 times, and notably, players who have acquired NFTs are more actively engaged in the game than those who did not participate in the drop. On average, players owning at least one NFT place bets 6 times more frequently per session.
  4. Bets volume per user. Remarkably, although players with NFTs still represent a minority, comprising only up to 25% of the game’s user base, they contribute over 50% of the total betting volume. This segment effectively drives the overall performance of the game title.
  5. Players community. One of TrueLab’s notable achievements is fostering a vibrant player community within the game, where participants actively compete for rare NFTs, trade them on the TRUE-powered marketplace, and anticipate new album releases with rewarding incentives.


Currently, the Victoria Wild West NFT collection is integrated into 35 casinos, receiving enthusiastic endorsements from project partners. Operators confirm that NFTs, as engagement tools, boost player retention and frequency, adding extra appeal and encouraging players to select titles with these incentives.

“We are thrilled to be pioneers in bridging the worlds of NFT and iGaming,” remarked a representative from N1 Partners, a network of casinos among the first to implement the NFT Drop. “The results have surpassed our expectations, and we’re delighted to witness its positive impact on our players’ engagement and overall experience.”

Looking ahead, the dedicated teams behind TRUE and TrueLab remain committed to advancing the project further. They are actively working on introducing new albums with unique benefits for players to collect, ensuring a continuously evolving and engaging gaming experience. The success of the NFT drop integration serves as a testament to the teams’ vision and dedication to creating an immersive and rewarding gaming environment.

About Victoria Wild West NFT drop

A wild-west-themed slot game Victoria Wild West is the first-to-market production release with the seamless integration of NFT gamification mechanics. The NFT collection is embedded directly into the game, with the NFT tokens randomly dropped while playing.

The drop contains 15,000 NFTs of different rarity to help the main character achieve her mission. Each of the items has a high-utility rate and complements the storyline of the game. Players pick up NFTs during the gameplay, collect them in albums and craft higher-level NFTs to receive various benefits, up to a share of the Holders Treasury — a percentage of all bets placed on Victoria Wild West paid monthly. NFTs, being a separate entity, can be collected and crafted, exchanged for benefits, or even resold on the external marketplace as is.

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