TrueLayer launches European payments combining instant player deposits and withdrawals

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  • iGaming operators can accept instant, account-to-account payments and  instant withdrawals in any app or website, delivering the most comprehensive European payments experience.

  • Jack Potts Bingo in Ireland is already live using the product with Spanish operator Codere going live in the coming weeks.

  • Payments with TrueLayer are lower cost and lower fraud than traditional payment options including cards, manual bank transfer and digital wallets.

TrueLayer, Europe’s leading open banking platform, today announced it has launched its closed-loop payment product across Europe, including Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and the Netherlands. iGaming operators can now offer secure, instant and cost-effective deposits and withdrawals across the continent.

Traditional payment methods weren’t built to handle the speed of online commerce. With cards taking up to three days to settle, operators struggle to manage liquidity, while players have to wait in limbo for withdrawals. Cards and digital wallets generate substantial costs through interchange fees, chargeback penalties and time-consuming manual tracking processes. There is also the issue of rising card fraud in Europe, which totalled €1.55 billion in 2020, with card-not-present fraud accounting for 76% of those cases. France, Germany and Spain all ranked in the top five for card fraud losses.

TrueLayer is addressing these points with a more cost-effective, frictionless and secure European payments platform for iGaming operators, built on open banking and the fastest available bank payment rails. It delivers:

  • Instant pay-ins: Players can top up their accounts in seconds with account-to-account payments. Deposits settle in a dedicated merchant account and are automatically reconciled against customers’ details.

  • Instant withdrawals: Verified account details are associated with each player allowing businesses to provide instant withdrawals and refunds back into the same account used for the deposit with a simple API call.

  • Dedicated merchant accounts: Operators can automate reconciliation processes and gain full visibility of their player’s account details as soon as payment settles. They can also withdraw automatically into their bank account.

Roberto Villani, Head of iGaming at TrueLayer, commented: “With TrueLayer, iGaming operators across Europe can create a better payment experience. A single implementation of our platform delivers immediate deposits so players can get started and instant withdrawals for their winnings. Card refunds can take up to five days, destroying customer loyalty in the process, while other methods are prone to operational inefficiencies, human error and lost payouts that can damage businesses’ reputations. With TrueLayer, players can see the instant transfer of funds with minimal fuss or having to chase support teams asking where their money is.”

Ran Kshivizky, Payments Product Manager at Codere, explained: ‘We want to deliver the best player experience possible and if you can pay instantly you should be able to get your funds out instantly. When you know you can access winnings quickly that is also a differentiator for Codere and is also likely to make players come back. TrueLayer provides the ideal solution as it’s money in and out straight away – without the poor UX and operational overheads of cards, manual transfers or wallets.”

TrueLayer Payments is the most comprehensive solution on the market, delivering significant benefits for operators and players, including:

  • Instant access to funds: payments are confirmed instantly, enabling operators to serve players more efficiently and receive funds faster. Real-time payment confirmation provides peace of mind that each transaction has been authorised.

  • Frictionless checkout processes: inputting card details is inconvenient for players and errors can derail the entire payment process. TrueLayer removes any manual entry on banking details, eliminating mistakes and making it easier to complete a payment.

  • Fewer abandoned payments: tested on millions of transactions across the UK and Europe, TrueLayer’s embedded payment flows make paying easier than ever. The result is fewer payment abandonments and higher conversion rates.

  • Lower operational costs: Open banking removes interchange fees and chargebacks of cards, making them far more cost-effective. TrueLayer automates expensive and time consuming manual processes such as reconciliation and sending payouts, with full visibility of all payments via the merchant dashboard.

  • Reduced payment fraud: Payments are PSD2 and SCA compliant, with payments authenticated directly with the bank, reducing the opportunity for fraud and chargebacks.

  • Enhanced player experience: Instant deposits enable operators to provide access to their services with the certainty they have received the funds and players to use their funds immediately. Instant withdrawals through TrueLayer provide an additional level of assurance that their money will be returned efficiently.

Till Wirth, Head of Product at TrueLayer, added:“We have used our experience and expertise to deliver an effortless way to onboard new customers and enable them to quickly fund their accounts and withdraw winnings, delivering faster, safer and lower cost payments for operators in the process. That, in turn, supports increased trust and loyalty – for example YouGov research showed 64% of players were more likely to trust an operator that offered instant withdrawals and deposits. More than half (55%) said they were likely to switch to a provider that offered instant withdrawals.”

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