UFIN Invests $200,000 Into Zuki Moba


With the ongoing trend of NFT games as well as the growth potential in the gaming industry, UFIN has announced their 200,000 USD investment in the newly-launched Zuki Moba. This decision was based on a long period of researching the project and negotiating with Zuki Moba – an NFT MOBA E-sport game on Blockchain.

Website: https://zukimoba.com

Inspired by the Japanese snowball sport called Yukigassen where each team tries to shoot snowballs at the opponent and win objectives, in Zuki Moba, players will be divided into 2 teams and compete with each other to bring victory to your squad. What makes Zuki Moba special and stand out from other NFT games nowadays that catches UFIN‘s attention?

It’s their fresh approach to the blockchain gaming industry. Zuki Moba is a MOBA game, which makes every game battle non-repetitive. Each game depends on players’ skills and team coordination, making it exciting for seasoned players. Moreover, the game theme is based on the snowball sport, therefore its sportsmanship is highly focused, attracting lots of casual players as well.

With the aid of blockchain technology and NFT, Zuki Moba can help solve the existing issues in the gaming world right now, most importantly the imbalance between the relationship of game developers and players. In the traditional game industry, items and accounts that players earn and create do not actually belong to them but are hosted in the game developers’ server. If anything happens, all the hard work the players have made will be gone without anything they can do to prevent it. But with blockchain and NFT technology, every item earned by players belongs rightfully to those players and no one can take it away. And blockchain technology makes it transparent for any transactions made, bringing the game developers and players to the same level.

From the start, UFIN has continuously consulted, followed up, and supported Zuki Moba to improve the features, network, and system so that users can experience it sooner. The UFIN and Zuki Moba team hope that users not only have entertaining moments and relaxation but also practice and improve tactics, teamwork, etc, and can get more value from the game itself.

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