Unfold ‘Msdossary’ Is Live – How Dossary Conquered FIFA

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Emmy Award-winning Red Bull Media House, has released a brand new episode of their esports documentary series, Unfold, featuring arguably one of the greatest FIFA players of all time, Red Bull Player Musaed ‘Msdossary’ Al Dossary.

In the newest episode of the series that uncovers stories behind some of the biggest names in esports and gaming, fans get a behind the scenes glimpse into the FIFA prodigy’s childhood in Saudi Arabia, his road to huge success without a coach and his passion for nurturing emerging Saudi FIFA talent through his new esports organisation, Team Falcons.

Red Bull Player Musaed ‘Msdossary’ Al Dossary is considered one of the best professional FIFA players of all time, winning three FIFA World Cup championships at just 22 years old. In his Unfold episode, Msdossary opens up about his childhood in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, his road to huge success without a coach, making his family proud and nurturing emerging Saudi FIFA talent through his new esports team, Team Falcons.

The episode features interviews with special guests including FIFA Analyst Mike Labelle and FIFA 2017 World Champion, Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing “One mistake, and he will outsmart you, for sure.”

Touching on his passion for football and Ittihad Football Club from a young age, Msdossary was introduced to FIFA through his cousin in the late 90s. His childhood friend Waleed remembers his cousin Thamer, referring to him as “an artist” after his first game.

Being invited by EA to compete at the FIFA17 Ultimate Team Championship Series after his competitive debut at the FUT Championships in 2017, Al Dossary discusses his crossroads when deciding whether to pursue a professional esports career or continue his studies. Considered a ‘hero’ in his cousin Thamer’s eyes, he reminisces on him saying ‘‘I won’t participate and lose – I’ll go and be the champion, or I won’t go.”

The beginning of his legacy, Musaed’s family and friends reflect on how he went on to dominate the FIFA scene, winning competitions without losing a game and without a coach alongside him. “Musaed doesn’t need a coach. When he is comfortable he can do what he wants – that’s why myself, Thamer and his brother Fahed are always with him”

Looking ahead, Msdossary discusses his passion for supporting and nurturing emerging Saudi esports talent through his esports organisation, Team Falcons. “Esports started with nothing – people loved a game and they played it but there was no reference. No support at all. For me the road is clear – it’s very obvious to me after FIFA, I will not be a FIFA player but complete the project that belongs to me: Team Falcons”. His next goal? Winning another World Cup.

Unfold by Red Bull Media House is a Red Bull series providing an inside look at the lives and stories of the world’s most prominent esports personalities. With a focus on a different player every episode, the series reveals how these superstars rose to fame and what motivates them to keep progressing. The Unfold series has previously featured prominent names such as, Johan ‘n0tail’ Sundstein, Nemanja “huNter” Kovač, Tsunehiro “Gachikun” Kanamori and Amer “Miracle-” al-Barkawi.

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