Unibet Launches Watch&Bet Live Streaming Player

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Unibet, a part of Kindred Group, has launched Watch&Bet, a new live streaming player. This will enable Unibet mobile customers to watch and bet on live sports without ever leaving the action. Initially available on the iOS sports app, the exciting new feature will enable Unibet customers to place their bets whilst still watching the on-site sports streams.

Live sports betting is an increasingly important growth area for both the industry and Unibet and the new development will create a more seamless user experience than ever before.

“The new streaming player will take the customer experience to a whole new level. Easily explained with three words – Fast, Easy and Fun. Fast, because it enables our customers to see the action and react to it instantly. Easy, because the design is clever and intuitive. Fun, because this is a whole new way of enjoying the live sports watching and betting experience,” Erik Bäcklund, Chief Product Officer at Kindred Group, said.

“Through thorough customer feedback capturing and innovative internal workshops, we dreamt up a grand vision of how we can transform the in-play betting experience and with this new Watch&Bet player we are one step closer towards that dream. But we are far from done, this is the foundation, to which numerous building blocks will be added and we are all really excited over the upcoming releases for our sports betting customers,” Bäcklund added.

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