Veikkaus’ Change Negotiations Finalised – Personnel Structure to Change as Part of Growth Strategy

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Veikkaus continues to prepare for the upcoming change in the Finnish gambling system. It has been recorded in the Government Programme that Finland will adopt a partial multi-license system as of 1 January 2026.

“The upcoming changes in the system are a great opportunity for Veikkaus, but they also bring many changes to us at Veikkaus. Our personnel structure will be revised, and we will be focusing on our core business, working to strengthen our knowhow there,” Heli Lallukka, Veikkaus’ Executive Vice President of HR, said.

The change negotiations, which were launched at the beginning of September, and which concerned a total of 825 employees, have now been finalized. Veikkaus’ organisational structure will undergo changes that will support their strategy-based goals, i.e., to be the market leader in Finland in the future and an internationally competitive, growing gambling company.

“In the coming years, we will be making significant investments to strengthen our competitiveness. We already have top-level professionalism in the field, but in the future, we will also need knowhow from outside of the company. For example, we can offer uniquely brilliant career paths and multiple opportunities in the tech sector at present, as well as in the future,” Ms Lallukka said.

As part of the change, Veikkaus’ business operations are divided into three sections. SVP Nora Vähävirta will oversee the domestic business, which includes the games of chance, slot machines, and the company’s own arcades. SVP Jarkko Nordlund’s responsibilities in the domestic business will be the online casino and betting. The third sector covers the international business, led by SVP Jonas Reuter.

As a consequence of the change negotiations, about 185-215 Veikkaus’ employees will lose their jobs, whereas about 110-150 employees will see their terms of employment change materially.

The launch of the change negotiations was publicised about two months ago in September. At that point, it was estimated that a maximum of 240 employment relations would be terminated, whereas 195 employees would face changes in their terms of employment.

“Following constructive dialogue with the personnel representatives, we ended up with smaller final figures,” Ms Lallukka said.

The exact dates of the employment relations to end, as well as the material changes to the terms of employment, will be determined by the end of the year. Among the factors affecting them will be the employees’ decisions on whether they will accept the positions and titles offered, as well as potential internal transfers within the company.

Another outcome of the change negotiations will be that Casino Tampere will be closed after 9 December, together with 19 game arcades will be closed down on 22 December 2023.

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