Video: Conor McGregor speaks to Parimatch CEO Sergey Portnov at PMGO 6.0 digital event

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At this year’s PMGO 6.0 virtual event, our CEO Sergey Portnov sat down with Conor McGregor, MMA legend and Parimatch ambassador, to find out more about the man outside the UFC Octagon – the entrepreneur, the family man, the human being. Conor gave insights into his personal life which he rarely shares with the public, and showed us the mindset which makes him a champion.

Without question, this year has brought significant difficulty on many levels. Lives have been changed, businesses have shut down and human connection has been replaced by online conversations as the coronavirus pandemic has turned the world we once knew on its head. When faced with his own challenges, whether in sport or in business, Conor maintains that he is an optimist, and that opportunity can be found even when faced with the toughest adversity. “There’s always an opportunity to adapt. All business sectors are being forced to look at their ways and evolve, and that’s only a good thing. I look at this year as an opportunistic year, there’s a lot of things moving and shaking, and you best believe that through this situation we are faced with, you will see some amazing, highly intuitive things take place.”

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