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In restless times, two local giants from Hamburg are making a statement. Under the established slogan #WATERISAHUMANRIGHT, Viva con Aqua and SQVAD start their partnership, the first of its kind of a creator collective.

With the reach and power of SQVAD creators and the gaming community, various actions will be implemented together in the future.

Both project partners are united by the common goal of ensuring clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all people.

Gaming as a universal language

Nobert Latim from Viva con Agua Gaming said: “We believe that despite many different languages in this world, we can communicate with three universal languages. These languages are spoken by all people worldwide: music, sports, and art.”

“No matter where in the world, a ball is always associated with play, a colourful painting with positivity and the right melody will always trigger a warm feeling in people’s hearts.”

“Video games and gaming bring these languages together in a single platform on different levels. It connects people across different genres. Viva con Agua sees a great opportunity to further unite exactly these people with a common vision – water for all.”

“For this reason, we are happy to welcome Tim aka Wakezz, Danny aka Proownez and Niklas aka NHeisen from SQVAD to the VCA Gaming family. Together we combine gaming with music, sports and art and activate for clean drinking water. We are excited about the support for our vision – water for all.”

More than just marketing

Marcel Sandrock, Senior Director Business Development Global Esports & Gaming at SPORTFIVE said: “It is our clear conviction that with the existing reach of our creators and with the SQVAD community we have to make a small contribution for a better world of tomorrow! Surely none of the guys will become CSR superheroes overnight, but all are aware of their responsibility as strong voices for their fans and followers and want to live up to it.”

“Viva con Agua always combines its mission and the associated activations with a playful component, with sports, with a wink, something smart. That suits us – because we won’t convince young people to join us by pointing fingers, there must be attractive incentives and a smart narrative. That’s what we’re hugely excited about the cooperation, and we’d like to thank the entire Viva con Agua team for their trust.”

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