Vueron Chooses Cognata Technology to Advance LiDAR Perception Software for ADAS and AV


Vueron, a leading LiDAR perception software provider, has chosen Cognata, a renowned ADAS and AV simulation software provider, as its trusted simulation partner to accelerate advancements in LiDAR perception software for autonomous driving systems.

With the global ADAS market projected to reach USD 90.1 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 18.7%, the demand for ADAS systems is on the rise due to the increasing focus on safety and government regulations mandating advanced safety features in vehicles. This growth is further fueled by the growing adoption of autonomous vehicles and the need for advanced safety features. In this evolving landscape, Vueron recognizes the importance of robust and reliable LiDAR perception software in supporting the development of ADAS technology, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing safety and meeting regulatory requirements.*

By selecting Cognata as its simulation provider, Vueron gains access to Cognata’s industry-leading ADAS and AV simulation software, enabling them to enhance the testing and validation of their LiDAR perception algorithms and ensuring their reliability and performance in real-world scenarios. This collaboration aims to expedite the development and validation of perception algorithms for autonomous driving systems. Vueron and Cognata are a powerful combination that can be used to accelerate the development and testing of autonomous vehicles. This can help to improve the safety, affordability, and innovation of these vehicles.

To meet the high performance requested by customers, a significant amount of high-quality data is necessary. As it is hard to acquire and process all the data in reality, Vueron utilized the Cognata simulation to enhance its technology. In particular, Vueron validated the data under various environmental conditions, thereby strengthening the technology to be robust to environmental conditions and enabling Vueron to provide customers with satisfactory perception software.

“We are excited to have Cognata as our simulation provider to drive innovation in LiDAR perception software for ADAS and autonomous driving,” said Joseph Kim, Founder & CEO at Vueron. “By leveraging Cognata’s advanced simulation software and proprietary algorithms, we can accelerate the development of our perception systems and propel the deployment of safe ADAS and autonomous vehicles.”

“Cognata is proud to be selected as Vueron’s simulation provider to advance LiDAR perception software,” says Danny Atsmon, Cognata Founder & CEO. “Our collaboration with Vueron, combining Cognata’s cutting-edge ADAS and AV simulation software with Vueron’s expertise, will pave the way for accelerated development of perception systems, ensuring faster and more accurate progress towards the deployment of safe autonomous vehicles.”

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