Walter Soriano’s USG launches new professional compliance services for banks and financial institutions


UK-based USG, a boutique provider of various business intelligence, litigation support and consulting services for leading global corporations and HNWIs, announced that it has enhanced its services portfolio with the addition of regulatory and compliances services for banks and financial institutions.

In today’s business and financial environment, banks and financial institutions are required to meet stringent demands in many areas to combat money laundering, terrorism financing and other issues. But more often than not, many of them lack the proper knowhow, personnel or qualifications to adequately meet these requirements. And failure to meet regulatory compliance requirements can have significant impact on the organizations – ranging from hefty fines to tarnished reputation and in certain cases – to complete business collapse.

The new offering is aimed at helping banks and financial institutions meet the ever-growing requirements set by regulators and government agencies with regards to financial compliance. Based on the combined decades of experience of Walter Soriano and his team of business, legal and law enforcement experts, USG’s new offering will ensure banks and financial institutions are in full compliance and meet all regulatory requirements.

The new service was launched after Soriano and his team identified a growing need in the market that was not being adequately addressed. In addition, more and more executives in financial institutions have turned to Soriano over the past several years to seek his help and guidance on these issues. “Our new offering was established in large by feedback and pressure from our customers and other executives in the field”, said Walter Soriano, CEO of USG. “We have been providing services in this area for many years, but over the past several years we have been facing growing demand from the financial sector to provide a full suite of services and capabilities in this field”.

With the launch of the new service, USG will help its clients by working with their staff to tailor the optimal solution for each client. According to Soriano, “Banks and institutions that want to stay in full compliance of all requirements, need to retain expert services to help them do so. Some of the complexities and developments in the field require broad and significant expertise, which is what we offer”.

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