Wazdan’s Cash Drop continues to ride high

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Wazdan, the global slot supplier, is celebrating the marked success of its Cash Drop promotional product.

In 2020, the company came up with a promotional tool designed to benefit and suit both players and operators alike.

Cash Drop was invented as part of a multi-level collaboration with partners who influenced its customizable nature. This innovative promo tool offers operators a wide spectrum of personalization capabilities. The adjustable features include: promotion budget and period, games, countries, maximum reward limit per player, optional opt-in for players, amount and type of prizes, minimum qualifying bet, currency, and more.

With many of Wazdan’s partners now using Cash Drop for boosted gameplay, the supplier has been able to analyze the performance data of the tool. The results are impressive, with operators utilizing the Cash Drop promotions and directing players to desired games, registering on average an increase of:

–  219% Unique Active Players

–  265% Game Rounds

–  366% Bet Sum

Such admirable results clearly explain the tool’s popularity among operators across the globe, partly driven by the fact that it can be launched on all Wazdan games without any integration.

It’s not just operators and casinos that enjoy the well-designed features of this tool. Ultimately, it’s players who see their Cash Drop bonuses being instantly credited to their accounts, without any interruptions of their gameplay, guaranteeing a seamless experience of their favorite Wazdan slots. Thanks to the prize pool being visible at all times, players are always in the know on how many prizes are left up for grabs.

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, said: “We understand our partners’ needs and that’s why we honed in on Cash Drop to be as easy, quick, and intuitive as possible. We are constantly building up our portfolio of exhilarating games, but we also understand the importance of providing our partners with full-package-solutions.”

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