WeTrade Group: Omni-channel and multi-end connectivity, empowering enterprises’ traffic demands


WeTrade Group Inc. (“WeTrade” or the “Company”) (US: WETG), a leading technical service provider of SaaS and Cloud Intelligent System for micro businesses, today held the annual strategic development conference in Beijing JDB Technology Park. The conference provided a specific analysis of the industrial supply and demand situation, and analysed the opportunities and challenges facing the development of WeTrade Group in terms of policy, economic and technological environments.

By 2022, digitalisation in China has evolved over the past 10 years, from a vague beginning to a gradual clarification. Today, digitalisation is no longer a “metaphysics” for companies, but a clear path to growth. In 2022, WeTrade Group will continue to further increase its omnichannel and multi-terminal strategy, extending on the basis of WeChat application to help customers acquire and retain customers in multiple channels and solve their traffic dilemma. At present, WeTrade Group has signed service provider agreements with Alipay and Baidu, and cooperation with platform service providers such as Douyin and Red is under negotiation. In addition, after attracting and acquiring customers at multiple ends, WeTrade Group will also help merchants achieve customer retention, incremental repurchase and bring in more new users through social fission to form replicable and sustainable growth through enriched marketing solutions and private domain traffic operation models.

In 2021, WeTrade Group has already reached cooperation with tourism enterprise clients such as Zhongyan Shangyue, Beijing Youth Commercial Mall, China Kanghui and Lvyue. With the gradual stabilization of the pandemic prevention and control, the tourism industry is also looking for opportunities, and WeTrade Group will, based on its own advantages, empower the development of the tourism industry and help it recover rapidly through the integration of omni-channel and multi-terminal traffic. In addition to the tourism industry, in 2022, the company will further expand its development in the beauty industry. Since the beginning of the year, WeTrade has laid out 3,000 beauty shops in China, including Mudaochan Life and Health Center, and helped offline physical shops and brands to build a close connection between members and shops through online and offline integration, further enhancing the operational efficiency.

Mentioning the company development, the Founder of WeTrade Group, Mr. Zheng Dai thought the development of the digital economy and the promotion of digital transformation of industries and enterprises is a matter of economic structural transformation and upgrading, and has risen to the national level. From national to local governments, a number of policies related to the digital economy have been introduced intensively, and policy dividends continue to be released. This also provides opportunities for the development of WeTrade Group. The company will further polish its products and refine its operations on the basis of multi-end connectivity, providing customers with complete products and services, helping them to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and truly solving customers’ pain points.

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