YSG’s first participation at WCD, with two major brands


In recent years, along with the iterative innovation of beauty science and technology, the growth of Chinese beauty industry has been gaining the attention of the international market. The 25th World Congress of Dermatology (hereinafter referred to as WCD), known as “the Olympic of dermatology”, was held in Singapore from July 3 to 8. Yatesn Holding limited(YSG)for the first time as official sponsor with its skincare brands, DR. WU and Galénic, and became one of the few China domestic cosmetic enterprises in this grand international event.

WCD, the international dermatology conference held every four years, is the world’s longest history conference and one of the most influential academic events in the field of dermatology. This year’s WCD attracted more than 12,000 renowned experts and scholars, representatives of dermatology, industry leaders, and representatives of enterprises from more than 180 countries and regions around the world to gather in Singapore.

At the congress, YSG not only delivered the Innovative achievements in dermatology, such as VC ActiveAnchor™ Technology and nanoencapsulated sustained-release technology, but also shared the new solutions in the field of anti-aging and medical skincare, such as Super Retinoids of step-by-step anti-aging solutions, multi-dimensional anti-aging by regulating on both the endogenous and exogenous factors, etc. The innovative ideas of beauty technology have been approached and approved by many dermatologists and professors from all over the world.

First time at “Olympic of dermatology”, YSG showing up with multiple R&D achievements

As the theme of the Congress, “Dermatology Beyond Borders”, YSG is commited to break through the boundaries, jointly with numbers of scientific research institutes, laboratories, universities and hospitals around the world in order to serve segmented skincare needs of Chinese and global customers, to carry out industry-university-academy-medicine cooperation, and devoted to building a powerful moat for the sustainable development of enterprises with the open innovation system — Open Lab.

Based on the Open Lab R&D system, YSG has successfully transformed a series of exclusive proprietary technological achievements in recent years, which have gone through clinical trials in hospitals to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products, such as TransHealer, vitis vinifera stem cell extract, PATENTED ALGAE-TIDE* and so on. During WCD, these innovative achievements and various on-site products experience halted overseas visitors for more information.

In recent years, YSG has continued to increase its investment in R&D. In 2022, the Company upgraded its annual R&D expense ratio to 3.4%, which continued to be in the front rank globally. By the end of 2022, YSG has submitted 174 patent applications worldwide,, among which 43 are invention patents (some of them are in assignment of patent).

YSG’s participation in WCD will be an important step in the layout of its global R&D system. YSG will keep leading the new development of the beauty and health industry by grasping the world’s cutting-edge scientific research intelligence and concepts and the global trends of medical skincare, and seeking common development with global dermatology experts.

Relying on the core advantage of the Group’s global R&D resources, its brands DR. WU and Galénic have also exploited and found out innovative paths integrating industry, universities, academies and medicine.

20 years of Dermetologists developed, DR. WU takes clinical research achievements to the international stage

This year marks the 20th anniversary of DR. WU. While exhibiting its remarkable dual clinical study at the WCD, it is also celebrating the brand’s 20th anniversary in Singapore.

Prof. Yen Loo LIM, Secretary General of WCD, addressed the 20th anniversary ceremony, “It is great to see a brand like DR. WU providing big impetus to the original development of dermatology”, and hoped that DR. WU would keep contributing to dermatology research and development in Asia and the world.

At the 20th anniversary celebration, Prof. Zhizhong ZHENG, Chairman of DR. WU’s Brand Expert Committee, an authoritative leader in the field of acne, the first president of Chinese Dermatologist Association (branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association), launched a joint initiative to advocate that “efficacy-based skincare needs to follow evidence-based therapy and return to ultimate user value of building healthy skin”. The initiative was supported by Secretary General of WCD, Prof. Yen Loo LIM, CEO of YSG, Mr. Jinfeng Huang, and other guests.

On the day of the event, DR. WU also invited Prof. Qiang Ju, an outstanding dermatologist at home and abroad to share the latest advances in acne diagnosis and treatment and clinical research on Mandelic Mutiple acid, and brought two new products— the new members of the Mandelic famliy, “DR.WU Mendelik Purifying Renewal Essence Toner”, and DR. WU’s first professional 3A retinol anti-aging essence “DR.WU Tri-Retinoid Intensive Revitalizing Serum”.

In recent years, DR. WU has continued to consolidate the power of dermatology, empowering the co-created and developed products of clinical practice and research, and launched Multiple Acid Renewal Mask and Gel, Triple Action Repair Series, etc. Among them, DR. WU’s Triple-Action Repair Serum applies the exclusive proprietary formula “TransHealer”— nanoencapsulated sodium heparin and other four active ingredients, which can provide precise solutions to red post-acne marks and redness repair. Relevant results have been published in the world peer-reviewed journal Molecules and indexed by SCI, one of the world’s top three scientific and technical literature retrieval systems. DR. WU thus became one of the few Chinese beauty brands with papers included in SCI.

Focused on the Functional Ingredients,  Galénic’s 45-year devotion to in-depth research on ActiveAnchor(TM)Technology

As a cutting-edge brand that combines medical practise with skincare application, Galénic was invited to this year’s WCD. Over the years, Galénic has not only been highly recognized by the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS), but also, since its birth over the past 45 years, has been active in the world’s major events with the technology pillars of the industry’s high-standard scientific researches of and academic resources.

One of the highlights of this year’s WCD is Galénic’s launch of its PATENTED ALGAE-TIDE* and VC ActiveAnchor™ Technology.

The PATENTED ALGAE-TIDE*, an exclusive ingredient that has taken more than 20 years of research, is the latest achievement of Galénic in the field of anti-aging. The scientific combination of snow algae essence and its exclusive Rheolique, which is applied in the third generation of Couture Secret D’excellence Active Cream, can accurately solve the problem of skin aging, demonstrating Galénic’s professionalism in dermatological research.

Besides the PATENTED ALGAE-TIDE*, Galenic golden-3 principles of VC have also gained high attentions from dermatological professionals around the world, and its product GALENICEUTICALS [N°1]BRIGHTENING RADIANCE ENERGY SERUM has been recognized and praised by many customers.

The five-day trip at WCD has injected new vitality and elements into YSG’s product upgrading and technological development. The Company will take this exhibition as a good opportunity to link academic organizations, medical institutions and related industry experts and other resources to provide consumers with better products, and contribute to dermatology with the wisdom and strength of Chinese enterprises.

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