Amber’s Blockchain Games Vertical Partners with LAMINA1 to join Early Access Program to Accelerate Next-Generation Gaming in the Open Metaverse

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LAMINA1, the Layer 1 blockchain built for open metaverse creators, adds more gaming expertise to its Early Access Program (EAP) with game development agency Amber. Known for producing games with media and entertainment titans like Animoca, Disney, Sony, and Epic Games, among others, Amber will now bring its creative expertise to the metaverse with the LAMINA1 blockchain via the Amber Merlin Blockchain Game Studio.

Amber created Merlin Studio to enhance the Web3 gamespace by taking advantage of its extensive game development know-how to create immersive and innovative Metaverse and Blockchain experiences. With several promising projects in development and multiple teams of hybrid Game & Web3 professionals, the Merlin studio is on the leading edge of blockchain game development.

Established in Spring 2023, the LAMINA1 EAP supports developers, researchers, and organizations as they develop, test, and refine their projects on LAMINA1. In addition to accessing future Testnets, developer kits, and more, EAP partners are provided a direct line of communication to LAMINA1 to receive guidance and to solicit ongoing feedback as they perfect the tooling and interface of the open metaverse within the LAMINA1 ecosystem.

Amber Merlin Studio is among the first wave of developers joining the LAMINA1 EAP following its initial launch earlier this year. With nearly 1,200 game developers, producers, and industry leaders at the fold of gaming experiences, this partnership marks a major advancement in Amber’s Blockchain Game Vertical, which uses a variety of blockchain technologies and game engines across multiple studios to explore the exciting new Metaverse of decentralized games.

Along with its participation in the EAP, Amber Merlin Studio will explore using the LAMINA1 blockchain with an original title in tandem with the launch of the LAMINA1 Mainnet. This stealth project combines blockchain, AI and composable Metaverse concepts in an exciting new transmedia IP. More details will be shared in the months to come.

“As huge fans of Neal Stephenson’s books and vision for the Metaverse, we are excited to partner up to explore and expand the Lamina1 ecosystem by applying Amber’s veteran game development skills to create the future of entertainment on all platforms,” said Marty Caplan, Amber’s Head of Blockchain Games, a 25 year games industry veteran with experience at Zynga, EA, Sega, and Pixar.

Since launching in Q1 of 2023, EAP has received over 500 applications from individuals and companies building in the open metaverse. LAMINA1 will continue to induct Early Access Partners as they move toward the launch of Betanet and Mainnet, both expected this year.

“Amber is in a very unique position for a game development studio. They have the proverbial 10,000 hours of making great games for many of the major game publishers and media companies – and are now also building a robust blockchain games portfolio,” said Jamil Moledina, VP Games Partnerships & Media at LAMINA1. “They’ve put in the work scaling fun experiences to large audiences, which syncs perfectly with our vision of where the open metaverse needs to be as the next generation Internet for everyone.”

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