Aviatrix announces the release of an NFT online game with a unique loyalty program

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Aviatrix announced the release of its homonymic NFT online crash-game to soon become available in online casinos in Europe, Asia, Latam and Africa. The first partner to showcase the game at their website is Pin-Up.Casino, with many more to follow in the near future.

The new game contains popular crash mechanics, however it has unusual features that set it apart from many other online games and has a potential to change the future of online gaming. Aviatrix has already received 2 Awards from prominent industry organizations such as ‘Unique Selling Point’ from Sigma Balkans and CIS as well as ‘Hackathon Winner’ of Binance Smart Chain.

The game has an uncommon NFT-based lifetime loyalty program. Players use their own aircraft which are NFTs. An NFT is something that has recently exploded in popularity. It is a part of a blockchain with a unique ID that distinguishes it from other NFTs. In our game it will allow users to move their game assets from one operator to another and trade them in the built-in marketplace in the near future. NFT integration is designed in such a manner that it will not affect those players, who are either not interested or are not familiar with the notion of NFT and blockchain.

Besides the NFT feature, game assets can be customized by selecting the color of the airplane body and  parts. Also, players get access to various aircraft models and have a chance to participate in daily prize tournaments. While playing they can also see planes of other participants and their actions in the background.

Aviatrix makes use of  Artificial Intelligence solutions to analyze thousands of casino games to see which features are most popular among players in order to embed those features in the product.

“Our outstanding development team has done a great job in just one year developing this new and innovative game with many features that are going to attract numerous fans of regular online games,” said Vladislav Artemyev, CEO of Aviatrix.

In the coming days Aviatrix will start rolling out the game at the websites of all other partners in the mentioned regions.

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