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Reading Time: 2 minutes, the revolutionary peer-to-peer sports betting exchange, has made the number one spot as the “Top Polygon Gambling App” in crypto betting on dApp Radar’s ranking page relative to other blockchain companies based on their trading volume in the past 24 hours, 7 and 30 days. launched the beta version of their sports betting site only two and a half months ago. They have since brought in $2.2 million in trading volume across more than 18,000 bets, taking them to the top spot on the leaderboard in an impressively short period of time. According to dApp Rader, in the last 30 days, has brought in $1.34 million dollars in trading volume and a huge $885.39k in the past seven days on the Polygon chain.

In addition to this, dApp Radar has put in position number 2 across chains in the category “Top Gambling dApps” in the past seven days, with their trading volume currently standing at $886.88k.

In a short period of time, Betswap has proven to be a leader in the decentralised sports betting scene, posing a real threat to competitors and other protocols planning to join the space, some of whom have recently come under pressure by their community and labeled as a “centralised betting exchange” after requiring users to give personal information to use the app. Betswap is a fully trustless and permissionless platform with no KYC needed, which is preferred by native crypto users. also does not take custody of users’ funds at any point, allowing players to place individual bets directly from their wallets and withdraw their winnings seamlessly, safely, and instantly.

Betswap Chief Marketing Officer, Thawfeek Ameen said, “there are many reasons that Betswap is the most suitable crypto sports betting app in the industry, including the fact we are EVM-Compatible and do not rely on one single chain to be functional, unlike other platforms. We also do not require personal details of our users; we are fully trustless and permissionless as well as being fast, reliable, and easy to use”. He continues, “We have also decided to give away up to $25,000 during the FIFA tournament, it is our first World Cup on the platform, and we want to show appreciation to the users who have allowed us to do so well in such a short period of time.”

The rating from dApp Radar comes during the FIFA World Cup 2022, reinforcing that Betswap is the best choice for dedicated Web3 sports betting customers in this tournament. Signing up is simple, with users just having to connect their Metamask Web3 wallet to the site, and with a few clicks, they are ready to start placing bets or acting as a bookmaker. During the games, Betswap has created a live betting feature, that allows users to easily follow what’s happening in each game in real time, making the betting experience even more unique and immersive.

You can join in all the sports betting fun during the FIFA here and learn more about the cash giveaway.

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