BIG Clan and Streamcoi renew their technology partnership for two more years

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Berlin International Gaming, a world-class esports team, had renewed its partnership deal with Streamcoi, the streamer management platform used by G2 Esports, FURIA and Giants Gaming. The companies decided to keep the partnership going for at least another two years. The decision came easy after a year filled with success, aided by the ability to manage the team of creators.

Berlin International Gaming is one of the leading esports teams in the world. Streaming plays a vital part in connecting the team with their fans. BIG’s roster consists of professional players and streamer influencers. Sponsored live streaming campaigns are an integral part of BIG’s business partnerships. Using Streamcoi, the team could run 39 campaigns, easily manage and display sponsored content across 33 streams, and measure detailed statistics for every partner.

Streamcoi technology allows BIG to set up and run creative, animated campaigns on many streams at once. BIG automated 8 sponsor campaigns across multiple streaming channels with a one-time setup.

From professional tournament broadcasts to creative live streams – BIG managers can access live statistics quickly and adjust any element of the displayed content on the go.

Daniel Finkler, CEO at BIG Clan: “When we started our collaboration with Streamcoi back in 2020 we were very happy to have a tool that allowed us to capitalise off our Twitch presence and turn it into value for our partners. They have a very cooperative, customer-focused team behind the product that listened to all our recommendations and needs, so we at BIG are delighted to continue working together with Streamcoi in the future!”

Jakub Janaszek, Streamcoi Product Lead adds: “Starting a technology collaboration is valuable, but it is only by developing it over the years that it has been proven how effective our tool is. I am very pleased with the trust that BIG placed in us a year ago because, without it, we would not now be able to increase the effectiveness of their Twitch marketing. I believe that within two years, we will make the work of managers and streaming services even easier.”

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