BlockStar VR – New Teaser Trailer Announces Immersive Division’s Upcoming VR Shooter

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This is BlockStar – Immersive Division’s new single player VR FPS that sees players compete for glory and riches in a blockbuster galactic game show

Immersive Division is proud to announce that their new single player action game BlockStar VR is coming soon. BlockStar is a VR shooter where you put your reflexes to the test, shooting cubes and completing challenges in an action-packed futuristic tournament.

Beat the Blocks

Blockstar is easy to pick up but hard to master. Just surviving isn’t always enough, each mission has its own challenges to beat, be it shooting a specific number of cubes in a certain time, racking up points, precision-shooting specific cubes, or disabling cube emitters and stopping the flood of cubes for good! Don’t think that the arena will just stand by and wait for you to win – changing patterns, indestructible obstacles and more will try to stop you every step of the way!


Guns. All Kinds of Guns.

Unlock a varied arsenal as you progress, from shotguns to beam guns, to shields and other more exotic weapons including laser, plasma and freezer weapons. But shoot too much and your guns may overheat, shoot too little and the cubes will get you! Choose your bonuses carefully as you progress – they’re game winners as well as life savers.


Built for Replayability

Beaten the story or want a change of pace? Unlock various extra challenges as you progress that you can play separately from the main campaign. These unique single missions were designed to be played in a particular way with a specific set of weapons and bonuses. You think you have what it takes to be called the ultimate BlockStar champion? Prove it by beating them all!


Compete, Win, Become a Star

Experience what it’s like to be a rising star in BlockStar’s harsh futuristic world! Experience life aboard the BlockStar space station and maybe even make a loyal friend along the way if you can survive what BlockStar has in store for you! Want to flex your skills IRL? Why not participate in one of our time-limited online BlockStar mini-tournaments. Climb the leaderboards and rack up in-game rewards to celebrate your successes. 

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