Blocktrade Launches New Gamified Universe to Transform How Users Engage with Digital Assets

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Blending old and new, the platform combines Greek mythology with emerging technology in a level-based rewards program

Blocktrade, the go-to asset marketplace for everyone, has today announced the launch of its new gamified universe, Blocktrade 3.0. With the launch of this gamified crypto platform, Blocktrade now merges gaming with crypto investing. Blocktrade 3.0 will see the introduction of NFT avatars and a sophisticated level system, aiming to transform the way users engage with digital assets.

Blocktrade 3.0 provides a comprehensive gamified user experience with Blocktrade’s native BTEX token at its core. Equipped with 50 unique levels, leaderboards and challenges, users advance to higher levels, passing a series of progression thresholds and earning BTEX tokens and XP points along the way. To progress through the levels, users need to accumulate XP points by actively participating in specific activities on the platform. Users can then unlock a wide array of benefits and rewards as they advance to higher levels such as trading bonuses and discount fees.

“The world of cryptocurrency is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital landscape,” the Chief Executive Officer for Blocktrade, Christian Niedermueller, said. “Blocktrade 3.0 represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of crypto platforms. By intertwining gaming and crypto through a Greek God theme, Blocktrade creates a captivating connection that bridges the past and future. This development epitomizes Blocktrade’s goal to bring the most exciting applications of new technologies to the masses.”

The Crypto Greek Gods collection introduces 50 unique avatars representing Greek Gods, which allows users to immerse themselves in a world where mythological creatures come to life. The level-based rewards program enables users to unlock avatars as they progress to the next level with NFT functionality to follow.

Blocktrade plans to introduce additional avatar themes, allowing users to further customize their profiles based on personal preferences as they progress through levels on the platform. The unique new gaming universe blends both innovations in gaming with disruptive Web3 technology, driving interactivity on the platform and empowering users to better navigate the crypto landscape.

“Our new gaming universe is not only a testament to our commitment to creating a new age of finance but also our dedication to user satisfaction and community engagement,” Niedermueller said. “The gamification of crypto fills the education gap by applying game design elements to non-gaming contexts, such as trading cryptocurrencies. By incorporating elements such as rewards, leaderboards and challenges, we are creating an exciting and engaging environment that encourages both learning and participation.”

This launch is a milestone development in Blocktrade’s roadmap dedicated to enhancing the user experience. As part of its commitment to users, Blocktrade prioritizes security and regulatory compliance. The platform is fully transparent, with over 5,000 class-B shareholders and regulated to European Union standards. It is registered as a VASP with the Estonian, Italian and Slovenian regulators.

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